To the Men on this Board

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#1 Jan 30 - 6PM
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To the Men on this Board

You are STRONG! You’re Brave! You’re Courageous!

Real men speak out and seek wisdom concerning relationships! It takes a real man to speak about his feelings. Feelings are very much of who we are…our physiology.

Thank you men for not allowing a disordered female alter your sense of purpose. You could have easily taken on the same disorder and kept up the next vicious cycle to another woman but you didn’t!!! THANK YOU!!!

Why am I thanking the men? Because some day

Ladies: we going to want to meet a nice man with character and who knows how NOT TO grieve a woman. But first we must heal and totally leave the baggage in the "lost and abandon" section.

Men: We need good decent men on this earth!



Jan 31 - 10AM
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Funny quote