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Getting healthy
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"Find a Way"

These last couple of days have been the first time in weeks that I've checked up on the forum; no disrespect at all, I really am grateful for all of you guys. But I was out there in the world experiencing and learning about more things, and finding more ways to be empowered. One of those was watching Diana Nyad. She accomplished what no one had done before, swimming from Cuba to Florida, and then swam for 48 hours in NYC. With all the given attention, she'd been doing many interviews since her accomplishment.

Diana was abused by her coach as a teen, and sometimes she speaks about it in speaking engagements. One night she met a woman who survived brutal abuse, mental and physical (sexual). Diana learned that this woman was only in the concentration camps from ages 3-6 yrs old! and felt so ashamed of talking about her own abuse, because she felt it paled in comparison to the abuse this woman had had as a child.

The woman, in her 80s at this point, said to Diana, "Don't ever be ashamed. Every human being on this planet has their pain and heartache, an IT'S UP TO ALL OF US TO FIND A WAY BACK TO THE LIGHT."

It was one of the most cathartic pieces of truth that I've ever heard, and maybe it's because I needed it, but it really has had me on an enlightenment cloud for a while. I have my moments still, when I feel shot back ten steps from my recovery, where I think I feel like the loser or that I have to feel the same pain I felt. But they don't live or endure in me, they run over me and don't hit my skin as often or as easily, and I can shake it off and keep moving forward in my day.

For those who want to know about this 80-something year old woman who survived the camp - when she was rescued, her aunt found her and adopted and cared for her. She told her aunt all the pain she suffered in the camp. And her aunt took her hand and held it and said:

"You will never forget this experience - you can't; it happened to you, it's real. BUT, put it in your soul, deep, deep, down. Don't let it live in your skin, because this is a beautiful life. And almost all the people in this life are beautiful, loving people. And you're going to know them and live a beautiful life, filled with joy."

Hope this helps anyone and everyone in the best way possible today!

October 25, 2013 - 11:03am
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what a wonderful post

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What a lovely, lovely post,


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Hi Getting Healthy!

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