You're her problem now

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#1 October 13, 2013 - 10:17pm
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You're her problem now

Hey jerk,

You are such a fraud that you don't even use your real first name. That should have been my first red flag. And you never signed your name to the hundreds of cards you gave me (I noticed that odd fact as I was shredding them a while back). Are you ashamed to see your name in print? Or maybe you just don't feel comfortable with who you are.

I had lunch with your ex-wife in May, four months after we split. She said "Be glad you don't have kids with him. You are free, but I still have to deal with him. Let him be HER problem now." Funny, you always told me that your ex-wife is stupid, but she's not; she knows who you are. I only wish she would have warned me sooner. She also told me that you only borrowed $30k from your uncle, not the $50k that you told me. Why would anyone claim to their partner that they have more debt? So I would feel sorry for you?

I saw your car this evening, as I drove down the main N/S road to my house. I looked west down a certain street, and there it was, parked on the street. You moved into the OW's house, as I suspected... not sure if she moved in also, but I understand that it is beneath you to continue living in an apartment. It just sucks that in this great big city we live in, you had to move 10 blocks away from me - ugh. I'm wondering if she's letting you freeload, or if you're paying rent. She probably feels sorry for you, like I did. Do you know that you are not a man? You are so pathetic that women feel PITY for you. It is pathetic that women have to pay for themselves when they are with you. Your looks will fade, and so will your charm, so you better nab this one quickly.

You always said that my house was too small, so I should sell it and buy us (you) a house. But I woke up and realized that you would ruin me financially (Loser). You said that my kids were too young, and after having raised two dreadful kids of your own, you didn't want to be saddled with two young kids - but mine are good, smart kids. And the OW has a child younger than mine - haha. You said you didn't want to live together without being married - did you change your mind on that, too? You never could keep a straight answer for more than a few hours, and always told me that I "misunderstood" when you changed your mind. Like when you said you didn't see a future for us... oh, sorry, you meant "that day." But if I waited a few days, maybe you'd change your mind. I am so glad that I didn't give you any more time.

Well, listen, you pathetic loser POS that lives off others: I deserve so much better than you. When I saw you at the gym, you looked scared, like I was going to chastise you or something. Is that what your mommy did to you that made you the stunted little boy that you are? She really f'ed you up when she cheated on your dad, and you had to be his caretaker as they worked through it. Poor little 9-year old boy...You are not worth my time. It felt SO GOOD to ignore you and walk away. The men that I have met and dated since our split are of such higher caliber and quality than you. Men that don't bash their ex-wives, they own their own homes, have the ability to pay for dinners out, are smart and successful and have interests and FRIENDS. The two boys you call friends are losers, just like you, with sociopathic kids that are addicted to drugs, and drama with their ex-wives; really, it's like they are clones of you. People attract others that are on their same level...your level is bottom-feeder, like a catfish that cleans the scraps of the other fish.

You always thought you were too good for apartment living, and then you were crushed when you were denied a lease because of your bad credit. Couldn't charm your way out of that, one! I secretly smiled. Because you are a complete fraud, and they saw it on paper. Where do you get this sense of entitlement, of grandiosity, of deserving so much, when you have done absolutely NOTHING worthwhile in your life. You thought you were hot shit because you were an EA to a bad politician for about a year, more than 15 years ago...that's like acting as if you discovered the cure for cancer because you read a book about a scientist. Or your loser son thinking he's going to inherit his grandparents' business - hahaha... I hope he does.

The last time I saw you, you told me that I was going to hate you. I must have lied when I said I could never hate you. But you KNEW, because you already had the OW teed up. And then you said to my back as I was walking away, "You're a good person." Well, fuck you. I don't need the validation of a pathetic POS that I don't respect. I KNOW that I am a good person, that I am worthy of so much better than you, and when I need strength and reminding, I have FRIENDS who can remind me how awesome I am. The friends that always caused you such jealousy.

I want so badly to warn the OW, but it would fall on deaf ears. She thinks you are a prince... oh, she will fall so hard one day. As I told your XW, you didn't change with me, and you won't change with OW. I got the same pathetic wine-every-night, ignore-the-kids, focus-on-me, tell-me-about-your-day guy who constantly texted all day, interrupted my job, created drama, suffered drastic mood swings (and blamed me!), and ultimately raged against his XW and the world. To me, you were simply a painful catalyst for change, for introspection, growth and healing, and I am so GRATEFUL for this newfound insight.

So keep doing what you're doing, and being who you are - you will NEVER change, you will NEVER truly love anyone but yourself. Whenever we discussed personality conflicts, our saying was "I'm working on that" ... well, I have worked on it, and will continue to do so. Because this was a biggie, and I am WORTH the effort.

I never unleashed my true feelings to you, not during our r/s and not in the 8 months of NC. I took the high road and feigned indifference. Fake it 'til you make it, and now I am THERE. So now I'll tell you what I wish I could say to your face: F*ck You, you insignificant piece of poo. You lost me forever. And I feel so FREE! :)

January 10, 2014 - 6:48pm
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Well said!! There are

December 18, 2013 - 11:01am
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This is so awesome

December 18, 2013 - 9:33pm (Reply to #2)
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Thanks Jon