Short and Sweet, Well, maybe not sweet

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Ellie Ray
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Short and Sweet, Well, maybe not sweet

I typed this to actually send in response to a series of emails outlining (in juvenile fashion and language, like a kid trying to talk like a grown up) all of the things wrong with me and how I ruined the relationship. I never hit send. Eventually you realize, they're not even worth your insults.

"The very fact that you can only point out flaws in others while discussing what a marvel of perfection you are in contrast to say, someone like me, shows not only a terrifyingly narcissistic character but evidence of a person who will never grow never bloom. I feel bad for you but I'm done worshipping you or worrying about you or hoping that you love me. You will never love anyone. There's no room for that because you are too busy compensating for how much you hate yourself. You have to because you feel that no one ever loved you so you take the liberty for that child who was so deeply abused. And it sucks that that happened to you. But I'm not associating with it anymore. You should stop trying to fuck every girl you meet and try to actually love yourself because this life is passing you by and you're just leaving a trail of women behind. I don't know maybe you can change. Maybe you can leave something else behind instead."

Jun 18 - 8PM
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I love the "eventually you

Jun 14 - 8AM
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I'm glad u shared that

Jun 14 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
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Yep, Ellie, and just to add