Goodbye and good riddance

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#1 March 4, 2013 - 9:54am
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Goodbye and good riddance

After much, much soul searching, researching, sleepless nights and stomach aches, I've come to terms with what you are: a sociopathic narcissist, intent only on fulfilling your own needs and desires. You are a master manipulator, fueled by your extreme intelligence and lack of true empathy for anyone or anything. I am angry with myself for ignoring the signs, the comments, my instincts. And yet I am happy because at least I know I will heal. You, will not. Therefore, I am saying goodbye, right now. My next step after posting this is going to be to blacklist your emails, delete your phone number, and make a solemn vow to not respond to you. And to not look online and see what you are doing, or whom you are doing it with. It doesn't matter, because the person I thought I knew does not exist. It was just a temporary personna, crafted to gain my attention, my love, and quite frankly, my money.

You play the wounded warrior role very well. You're searching, healing,(god, how many times did I hear that word???), trying to change and lead a better life. You're extremely adept at making women feel they can help you, heal you, have a real relationship with you. But it is all a facade.

I've called you out on lieing, many many times over the year. You've looked me straight in the eye and told me you were not - despite clear evidence to the contrary. You took my money, with promises to pay it back. I'm still waiting.

I've learned the traits of a sociopath, and you fit every one to a tee. Charming. Protesting extreme integrity. Impulsive. Dropping big names, big credentials. Artist. Wounded Vet. Able to mirror someone skillfully. Facts that don't add up, details that are hidden, words and emotions that are fleeting. I can believe that perhaps you have even studied techniques of manipulation - neurolinguistic programming, mirroring, how to spot a mark and run a scam. In fact, I'm certain you have and are quite smug about your abilities.

I see you know, with your new "love". She's exactly what you hoped to find, isn't she? You hit the jackpot! Aging, lonely, artist, extremely wealthy, and through her blogs and posts giving you a treasure chest of material to work with. And LOOK! you can do so much for her too. How convenient that is. I thought about warning her, but know that she won't listen. At some point I'm sure you'll grow bored, start something with someone else, or devalue and discard her too. It's tough to keep up the charade indefinitely. I'm sorry that she'll have her heart broken too, and only hope that she finds her way here or to another support group that can understand how you have insidiously inserted yourself and taken from her.

Right now, I'm angry. I'd like to look you in the eye and call you a total piece of shit. Because that is what you are. With a kiss and a smile, you ingratiate yourself and take everything you can from wonderful, warm, open women. And without any thought, care, or remorse, when they no longer serve your purpose, you move on. You're not doing something different to get something different. You're doing, and will keep doing, the exact same thing, over and over.

At least I have learned the warning signs and won't ever be taken for this ride again. Along with the vow to stay away from you, I am also promising myself that this will not ruin me. I will keep my heart open, but my head aware. I'll be willing to trust, but only those who have actually earned it. I'll listen to my instincts.

And forgive me if I dance just a little bit when the next woman figures you out and kicks your ass out of bed. I hope it's your wife.

March 4, 2013 - 11:37am
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March 4, 2013 - 11:14am
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Good job!

March 4, 2013 - 11:18am (Reply to #2)
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