Finally seeing the GOOD in GOOD-BYE!!!

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#1 Feb 22 - 11AM
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Finally seeing the GOOD in GOOD-BYE!!!

Dear Manipulative "Star4Marv",

I don't know why you like that nickname so much. I guess its because that is how you will end up. Starving for yourself, starving for validation, starving for sex, starving for anything in life that really matters. In the end you will die empty and alone. Remember, we all get old and one day we will be gone from this world. You may think your hot, wake up call buddy, you're NOT!! Haha,..that was my fault for boosting your ego! Your saggy and your eye bags make you look worse because your so deprived of sleep. Maybe because your always out and about trying to get a fix. You think you've ruined me? Look in the mirror and look at what your doing to yourself! You eat crappy food and you don't have that muscle mass that you once had in the pictures that you post from 20 years ago on all of your dating sites. I wonder what the women that actually think when they go to meet you, especially when they see this ugly fuck walking towards them. Trust me, you aren't what they've expected. And you called me delusional? Yup, sure was because you fooled me. I know better!

What you say to me doesn't even matter,... I now know that anything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. As a matter of fact, everyday was OPPOSITE day with you. So whenever you called me ugly, mean, crazy, stupid, idiotic, whore, slut and negative. I know what you really meant, because I look in the mirror and see at beautiful, confident, spiritually intelligent, charismatic, genuine, and fun loving woman! A woman that has full respect for herself and her body,..and a wonderful mother at that! Your jealous because you will never have these traits. You don't have the ability to feel and that's what makes me feel so sorry for you, only for a nano second! Your fake and your a fraud! I believe in karma,.. I don't wish bad things on you but I believe it'll come back to you. Your greedy and selfish and can never actually love anyone but yourself,...think about that,...that's what I call LONELY!! Don't you ever call me lonely,.. yea you broke my heart and you probably think i'm suffering,.. Just for shits and giggles,..yea I did suffer! "DID",..past tense! I am actually thankful because now I know the key things to look for in order to avoid people like you! Yes, PEOPLE!! You thought that you were unique and special, haha NOPE! Your the fool! You actually fall under the category of PSYCHO and CRAZY!! I feel sorry for the three kids that you have, especially for your 2 daughters! I pray that they don't attract someone like you in their lives!

Yesterday I had a break-thru! I burned the shit that you gave me over the period of 5 years. The funny thing is, it all fit in a kids shoebox! Nothing special, just cards and letters you wrote and also that stupid engagement ring! That should show you that I was never the materialistic bitch that you tell your friends about me! Don't worry, I took pictures! So when you want to go talking smack, I'll post them :) So if I were you, I'd just keep continuing on with your low-life and not say my name or talk negatively about me because I did nothing but LOVE! And since your ego is that big,..just know that I know your dark secrets!

Anyhow, you've taken up enough of my valuable time. So heres my peace out letter to you. The person you thought you broke is just the opposite! She's stronger, braver, healthier, independent, better looking than you will ever be.


Feb 27 - 10AM
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Good for you! Get it out!

Feb 22 - 1PM
hopefully free
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Dear Unbreakmyheart

Feb 22 - 2PM (Reply to #2)
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I am definitely on my road to