Lowest of the Low

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#1 February 11, 2013 - 1:50pm
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Lowest of the Low

I never wanted to be divorced for the second time in my life. All that I wanted was to find my best friend. I wanted someone to love me for me and grow old with me. You knew that I had a history of abusive men. You couldn't believe that anybody could treat me that way. You claimed to be different. You claimed to love the person that I am inside. You claimed you wanted a family and a house and a business. You thanked me over and over again in the beginning.
Then.....the mask came off. You are a very damaged little boy who never grew up. You are a meth head who never got treatment. You are a runaway teen who became a ward of the state. You are a sperm donor that ran away from 2 different women each with a son that you fathered. You are the jerk that fathered a little girl and told the world that her Mom was crazy. Well, the fact that you weren't allowed to see the child for 6 months speaks volumes. You are a taker, a liar, a cheater and a coward.
I loved you like I have never loved another. I put 100% in to our life together. Anything that you asked of me I did for you. I loved your daughter like she was my own. I tried over and over again to model what a family should look like and you fought me the entire time.
The thing that always bothered me was that I couldn't count on you. We would make plans to go somewhere and you always backed out last minute. I had to either beg you to come with me or go alone. You always blamed me. I did something to upset you. I didn't let you rest.
You wuold start a fight and always turn it around and make it my fault. You had me thinking that I was an alcoholic so I went for an evaluation. You told my family that I was crazy. I went to doctors and changed medications to try and be better for you. I started seeing a therapist to get better.
The silent treatment and lack of affection was awful. Then when I would try to talk about it you yelled at me and told me that I was too needy.
The worst thing that you did which is over the line was the way that you treated my son. This little boy fell in love with you and trusted you. As soon as you got your daughter back you were very rude to him. If you took him fishing and he talked about his dad, you got mad at him. He was actually told not to discuss his dad with you because you, the whiny little baby, didn't like the attention to be off from you.
When your daughter would tackle and hurt my son and he would cry, you would yell at him for over reacting. You ignored him when your daughter wasn't around. I had to bring him to a therapist for his crying fits from anxiety. I thought it was a simple issue with blendiing the kids but it was YOU!!!!! He was feeding off from your anxiety and he was stressed and confused because you were being mean to him. Never again a**hole!
I am taking back my life. You can have your business. You can walk away with everything that I helped you to obtain. I want nothing from you. Stay away from me and my family. You are toxic and have been exposed. Nobody believes your lies anymore. That is why you had to move to another town. You are too much of a coward to face the damage that you have done.
I feel bad that you will never experience true love. I feel bad for the damage that you are doing to your daughter. You are turning a beautiful little girl in to a monster.
I was too good for you. You never deserved me.
Karma is a b* and you will get yours.
Go crawl back in the hole that you came out of. I'm done!

February 13, 2013 - 9:03pm
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boom! Great post! Get it out!

February 11, 2013 - 4:54pm
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