So apparently I am "emotionally unavailable" as well . . .

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So apparently I am "emotionally unavailable" as well . . .

Gotta love therapy. :) Seriously. I'm turned the corner from obsessing/talking all the time about exNarc with my therapist to actually dealing with MY crap now, and today I learned this key piece of information:

I am an emotionally unavailable woman. And as of tomorrow when I turn 48, that will make a full 48 years that I have lived on this wonderful planet as an emotionally unavailable woman.

Woah. I don't think I ever would have described myself as such, but when I put all the pieces of the puzzle together in my session, that was the picture we saw: I am and have always been drawn to emotionally unavailable men because I don't have to deal with their emotions, their vulnerability, etc. - in fact, I can pinpoint times in my life when the man I was involved with showed me his emotional or vulnerable side (even exNarc, when he was faking emotions and vulnerability) and I immediately shut down. Immediately. It would make me want to run. I became uninterested, unattracted - in fact, it was the fasted libido killer. It's what happened, I believe (in part), in my 20-year marriage, and even with exNarc, when he would feign vulnerability, I cringed.

I like romance! And I love to "feel" . . . passion and love and the intensity of infatuation. But I have never, ever fully allowed someone to enter in my world and let them love (I mean really LOVE) me, nor have I ever fully trusted anyone enough to open myself up to them.

Yep - I have the 'abusive, dysfunctional, chaotic, unpredictable, etc.' childhood to deal with . . . and apparently have never full dealt with it. So...this is the year.

Thankfully my therapist said there IS a cure for this. :) Has anyone ever "transformed" themselves? From emotionally unavailable to emotionally available?


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Here a new writer write his

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Taking about insight Juliette; Birds of a feather; flock togethe

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Haven't opened up yet.

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Froglegs,that's a great question!

Sep 28 - 4PM
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Same story although i am 26.

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Rising Dawn
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Same here...

Sep 28 - 4PM
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Let the healing/transformation begin!

Sep 28 - 4PM
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Emotionally Unavailable

Sep 28 - 1PM
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