Bye Red Flags

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#1 July 2, 2012 - 5:33pm
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Bye Red Flags

Thanks for spending time with me while I sorted your ego.
Telling you how much I loved you, what beautiful eyes you had, how much I loved your presence. What soulmates!

Fetch me a bucket, how nauseating for me now and for you then?
No wonder my time with you was always limited, you must have had your ego on a full tank within a few hours around me?

How was the drive afterwards,on a full tank? strutting your stuff, being the big fish in your little pond. meeting up with your other girlfriend. Bet she loved it when your tank seemed full.
Bet you were so generous and loving cause I'd supplied, you could give it out, willy nilly.

How's it going now, after she texted me to meet up and find out where we stood?
She thought I was the one pestering you, and that she had been your girlfriend for the last 5yrs and I was just a poor friend. But I think she got it when you called me while we secretly met, and you were craving to meet up while she disappeared to a wedding the next night!

Well little boy, I was already leaving you when you called, an it felt good to hear you tell the OW just how far you could be trusted, when she decided to stay.

Your drug intake must be rising to fill a void, the one my absence leaves.
U look like shit on facebook and you can't see that your so called friends share the same middle name as you....User!

I love how my brain has recently accelerated in it's attempt to deprogram my mind.

You don't figure...I do.

I grow taller everyday, having scraped the kerb,weeks ago.

My hopes are really all about me now an you are fading, starting to become transparent, vapourising, so much like a dream I can't tell you.

We all know dreams aren't real, therefore neither are you. A cloud that disappears following the showers, where I became drenched, and spellbound..... but now the red flags stand directly blocking my views of should hold a white flag.... meaning I'm back in the driving seat and you have to surrender to that and withdraw.

Cause your number is up, your true colours shinning through.
Your only redeeming quality is your ability to have let me witness the bare walls of your very empty shell......
And for that I truly feel sorry for you..... as all you have is nothing,.... by your own admission. You are an unworthy character whose heart vacated the premises long ago, way before you met me.

So I refuse to mourn one more day...I made you into a false idol, and that is my doing, brainwashed or otherwise.
I cold heartedly wish you fare well, to he who lies buried under a pile of bright red flags.
The Narcs grave is shallow, yet bottomless, no hope, no true sense of the reality to be human and live , till death.
Yours is a premature death, where evilness remains seemingly forever and tragic, yet so blissful to be free.