Goodbye C.

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#1 Jun 11 - 1PM
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Goodbye C.

You lost a good woman, someone who wanted to make up for the past. A past that was long, long ago. I though I had reconnected my true love after a 35 year absence.

You don't have the capacity to love. I am only a cardboard cutout for you. Not a real person. The only real person in your world is you. You are the sun, we are only distant planets.

You are a monster. You emotionally drained a sweet, caring woman, who has been through so much already. How did you lie your head down at night and sleep.

And you obsess about your religion. You have made a mockery out of your religion.

There is nothing left to take from me. My well is dry.

For the past year, I have felt like a ping-pong ball.

I really feel sorry for you. You are on miserable human being.

You will probably end up all alone one day. I would have been there for you, but you and your sick world has made that impossible.

It is over forever. Your loss.