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#1 May 16 - 11PM
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Thank you

Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for making me feel like a woman again when we first met. Thank you for showing me how strong I can be by walking away, even after years of abuse. Thank you for hurting me so much so that I could pay my karmic debt for all I did wrong by being with you instead of having something much more catastrophic happen to my life. I consider the money I spent on you the price for a life's lesson. Thank you for teaching me to be more protective of my trusting heart in the future. Your karma and your future is between you and whatever you perceive God to be. I'm not going to allow toxic thinking and wish bad things on you. I'm a different woman than I was when we met and I'm certain it's for the best. A spiritual mentor told me once "the deeper the pain, the more critical the lesson". I release you to your higher good and I'm going to be fine. When I pray for poor, lost souls, I'll include you in the list. Aside from that, I am not letting you be my problem. God bless you and anybody else in the past, present or future that is hurt for having loved you.

May 25 - 12AM
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I am so glad I read this!

May 24 - 7PM
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Beautiful. <3... Thank you