Nathaniel Branden....a Survivor tells it all

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#1 March 25, 2012 - 12:12am

Nathaniel Branden....a Survivor tells it all

Hi Friends,

Want to share a breakthrough discovery with all of you.

After being subjected to a Narc in whatever form... we tend to go a bit dissociated with our capacity to think.

I know I am still mired with the NH purely due to financial considerations. But did you know the fallout of that has been that i had begun judging every person i came across as personality disordered? Glad to share with you all today...that this realisation has stalled my downhill slide into insanity.

Today, I go out and meet all my old friends and value their company. Even until a little while ago, i was criticising everybody as if the planet was suddenly overridden with extra terrestrials of an evil kind.

THIS cognitive dissonance is the the worst fallout of associating with a narc. Luckily, Thankfully, Mercifully.... i had no 'romantic' feelings toward NH. I just felt outrage barely a week into my marital imprisonment. And horror thereafter.

Today, I am no loner that whiny silly weepy wimp. I am in charge of my mental life. I am able to paddle my own canoe.

I hope this post will bring Hope and Future to many here who are struggling with several emotions. I admit, my lack of romantic emotions in my marriage did certainly help a lot to hasten the recovery of my self esteem.

Do mull over my theory. It will surely improve our wasted lives.

We can survive.

Self Respect is the key. Check out Nathaniel Brandon.

I had read NB back in 2001, but only 11 years later, i am re-reading the book with a better understanding.

Just a friendly shout to ALL you lovely folk here at the Forum:::: Yoohoo..... We Shall Overcome too!!!

IF i could manage to regain my self esteem, so can anyone who's low it. Just needs time and caring (non judgemental) friends (at the forum and in real life too). Just take care to stop telling your story to all and sundry. Best to stay quiet...cos that's the only way to heal one's Soul.

Here's wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday. Cheers!!!!