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#1 Mar 16 - 8AM
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I want to say goodbye.

Goodbye to the life we shared, i feel like such a different person today than i ever did with you. I feel stronger, more independent. I feel like i can see other peoples kindness again and treat people with respect and there not be any venom that u spewed onto me. U made me a horrible person, a shell of myself and im sure u jerked off to that many a times.

Well heres where it stops.

Today i feel like i am ready to say goodbye to u. U are no longer in control of my life, u r trying to hang on with the control over me through the solicitors! well u balding ageing ugly fool, u rnt forever young like u always wanted to be, and i no longer care.

I feel strong knowing that i am on a journey that is making me a better person, i have the most amazing friends and family that love me for me! you dont have anyone, and u deserve that! u deserve whatever life throws at u and while u may like to blame me for it, im sure in time i will be forgotten as u will then blame each and every OW along the way! Go ahead have that life.

I choose to live life now, and u r not a part of it! ur a building block of life that came along to teach me how to be a stronger woman, and now i am just stomping over that building block and walking into the sunset! far away from u.

I could mention each and every horrible thing u did to me and my daughter but i dont want to in this letter, this is me saying goodbye. I will use my experiences to help other people, a concept u could never grasp.

So carry on with ur life Narc boy, this is goodbye from me!!!!! :-)

Mar 17 - 6PM
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Well done honey. I know that