Hang in there!

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#1 Feb 27 - 7AM
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Hang in there!

I'm posting this to let people that have been through the pure hell of being with a N, that it DOES get better. It was 6 months ago yesterday that she callously called me on a Friday afternoon to break up after ten years. For me, getting back in a walk with Christ, and everything I read on lisa's site and in her book has helped me get to where I am now. I started going out with a few ladies and friends, which was really hard for me at first after such a long time with her, but going to dinner and meeting in a casual atmosphere has also woke me up to the realization, that there really ARE genuine women out there who are very down to earth. I don't have to walk on eggshells, but can be myself, and they actually like who I really am. I only occasionally think of my ex N, but even being by myself is much better because of knowing that people can really like me for myself, and I like myself again. One huge key for me is to have forgiven her. THAT WAS TOUGH. But after I forgave her, and have had NO contact in these 6 months, life is getting back the way I knew it before her, and I'm actually finding myself again. All I can say is forgive them, and if possible have no contact whatsoever with them. Thanks Lisa, this site truly was a Godsend. God's blessings! DLP75

Feb 27 - 8AM
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Great news!

I hope things keep looking up for you! Hooray you!!!
Feb 27 - 8AM
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This is great

This is great progress.. Thanks for the update.. Hunter