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#1 Feb 16 - 11PM
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see ya

you have the emotional depth of a teaspoon, you aren't a real doctor, the way you picked the dead flakes off your face every morning made me nauseous, you sucked in bed, you can only be funny if you quote comedians, you get crumbs all over yourself when you eat. yada yada you suck yada yada fu yada bla bla. have fun w t ow downgrade. see ya psycho! thanks for teaching me a lesson about boundaries, narcs, finding my true self and empowering me to be one hell of a SEXY BETCH you don't get to get me back. NEVER. not one millisecond of my time. deuces!

Feb 29 - 9PM
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doctor = wannabe

I refuse to call their kind, DOCTOR
Feb 17 - 10PM
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Well said

Isn't it liberating???