Goodbye Harry

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#1 Dec 21 - 5PM
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Goodbye Harry

I'm writing to let you know that I know
about all your lies and deceit.

Frankly, I'm relieved to know my issues with you were not imaginary, and I'm proud of my intuition. I was right all along for being upset when I was, and I'm taking back all my apologies. If I hurt you as much as you said. I'm not sorry.

You are a very weak insecure person that's why you're so desperate to attract women to make yourself feel better. But grooming any female or gay male for attention does not make you popular and charming. It just makes you look sleazy.

I don't think less of myself for being so blinded, normal healthy don't lie as much as you did. The problem we had is you're not normal. Don't be deluded into thinking I was still in love with you after you left me because you're such an amazing person, because believe me, you're not. It's just normal people Can't switch off their feelings overnight. Having said that the only reason I still think of you now is because you are the worst human being I've ever met, and I'm just ashamed of you. So much so, that I refuse to acknowledge what we had as a relationship. It means nothing to me now.

The only reason I begged and pleaded and apologised as much as I did is because I thought we had something special, which means I couldn't have possibly really loved you, because I didn't know you well enough. And no, it's not as you once said "because you're so handsome that's why girls put up with you". If I'm brutally honest, the fact that you're quite average looking is what made your adulation so convincing.

There was a time I prayed hard for our love to last, I pray I never have to see you again. The only reason you manipulated me so much is because I wouldn't have been in the least bit interested in you otherwise. Thats not clever, thats just plain sad.

I admit I did think about exacting my revenge but now,not only do I not care enough, I've realised that living with your awful self must be a punishment in itself.

Well I did promise you I'd always be honest.

The truth set me free, you need to do the same. Work on your insecurities because if a woman believes she loves you she will work hard to accept your need for female attention and space, that will only feed your insecurities, and you'll feel worse. I hope you'll Learn therefore, sabotaging women is not the answer.

Thank you for pushing me to appreciate my normal life. You didn't break my heart, you just cracked it open and made me even stronger and more perfect for someone better.

I have nothing more to say, please take it that we no longer exist for each other and never contact me again.

Goodbye Harry

Dec 21 - 7PM
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What can I say

A simply amazing letter!!
Dec 21 - 6PM
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Wow!Femmegem this is a good letter....
Dec 21 - 6PM
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Great letter! I love "I

Great letter! I love "I don't think less of myself for being blind" Beautiful sentiment! You go girl! Very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!