Have you read the 6 Steps of Recovery yet?

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#1 Sep 8 - 4PM
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Have you read the 6 Steps of Recovery yet?

I'm referring to the entire book and not just the brief description of them on here. How have they been helping you and what in particular has been a benefit to you. I think that a dialog about this may be helpful to our members and those reading our posts.

When I was at my darkest hour, I read the book and actually began to do what was suggested in the book and guess what? Funny thing is that it works.

It is like anything in life you don't know until you try it.

One of the most beneficial things for me has been the journaling and the goodby letter. Since I got it out and began to write down my feelings, thoughts, and emotions, I began to see a shift in me. I no longer obsess about the Narc, those racing crazy obsessive thoughts are gone.

I can out to lunch with a friend and the Narc is not right there sitting next to us in my head.

This takes time and involved my doing the work, crying, yelling, sharing, writing, forcing myself to go out, talking with others on the phone, understanding it, getting it out, and learning that it was not my fault, he does not love the OW any more than me, and he is never going to change because he has a PD. What you see is what you get.

If you are still struggling you may want to read the book and begin to practice the steps and if you have any questions the moderators would be happy to help you work through the steps.

If you have not read the steps. What is holding you back?

God bless,