The Fight for Legislation to Protect Employees from Workplace Bullying

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#1 July 30, 2011 - 8:20am
Lisa E. Scott
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The Fight for Legislation to Protect Employees from Workplace Bullying

Narcissism is the ABUSE OF POWER in any relationship. When it occurs at work, people have little recourse. We must do more to ensure laws are in place to protect people from non-discriminatory workplace bullying.

“Violence in the workplace begins long before fists fly, or lethal weapons extinguish lives. Where resentment and aggression routinely displace cooperation and communication, violence has occurred. The relationship between supervisor and employee is inherently unequal. A victim of workplace intimidation and bullying cannot react as though the assault came from an equal. Such behaviors constitute threats to an employee even if no direct threatening language is used. Supervisors and managers who contribute to workplace unrest do violence to the workplace. There is no substitute for civility in supervision and a mutual regard for the dignity of persons. The (anti-violence policy) is intended to reach and to correct emotional violence as well as actual physical attacks. Bullies cannot exist unless the local Employer tacitly permits or encourages bullying behavior.”

Bernice L. Fields
Nov 1, 2000
NALC Case No. GTS 2348

To learn more about the Healthy Workplace Bill led by Drs. Ruth & Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute, click below: