The anti climatic end of a long nightmare

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#1 January 3, 2011 - 11:43pm
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The anti climatic end of a long nightmare

Hi everyone, I know I have been away for a long time, and a lot has happened since then. I have thought of all of you and have wished you a speedy recovery, as I have wished one for myself.

To bring you up to date. My ex narc got out of jail after serving less than three months for his stealing of my parents credit (and other monies that the police didn’t have any proof of his doing). He was actually jailed the longest in one county for another “like” crime against a family back in 2007 where he stole MUCH more than he got away with in regard to my family.

I had paid a mutual friend to watch his truck and the what was left of his belongings after they were ransacked by his “friends" in my former city where we lived together (God knows why, i must have still felt some sort of misplaced responsibility towards him)

I had blocked him from all emails and my facebook account, however, he got into our dogs “page” and contacted me a few times from there. His ramblings were common to the common narc - after refusing to address any of the issues that brought him to his present plight, he barraged me with accusations about “getting over our relationship within two days of his arrest” and the condition of his truck - then he went about in a subtle yet slightly threatening manner accusing me of orchestrating the “stealing” of his belongings.

I have to admit I replied to those emails but only to say that I KNEW THE TRUTH, and so did HE, even if he didn’t want to admit it. I also told him it was time he moved on. From then on, I ignored his attempts at baiting me. I didn’t block myself from our dog’s page since he at one time stated he only wished to see new photos. However, after the third or fourth “comment made under my dog’s name” about how the dog isn’t “happy anymore” and isn’t being treated right, i finally blocked myself from that page as well.

On a funnier note, he “poked” me twice on face book and i had to resist the urge to comment that it was “weird that he wanted to Poke me NOW, when he wanted nothing to do with me when we were together” but i resisted.

I don’t hate him - he does a better job of self sabotage on himself than anyone could ever hope to achieve I really DO feel sorry for him, as he must be hurting with self hate and rage so much to be the way he is.

But this time away from him has made me see that despite my empathy for HIS plight, i NEVER agreed to be his Jesus and I never said i would pay for his sins and the wrongs done to him during his childhood.

I hope this finds all of you well, or at least better, in this new year than the last one.

Love to you all....