Mariline's story

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Mariline's story

I apologize in advance for any kind of grammar mistke as English is not my mother tongue. I write from Italy.My story is briefly resumed as follows:

I had a 11 months story with this man who worked as an information counselor for many big firms here in Italy. You know already the details... the first three months were wonderful, then... if even I said a word "not opportune", for three days he refused to answer the phone, for example. He went on a rage for me not closing correctly the door, for not washing properly the dishes, for not cooking enough good.

But most of all I had this inner feeling that something was wrong and I did not catch it. He seemed to know it all. How? I am not completely stupid, I mean, I am not a genius but I am a teacher 40 yrs old and capable of facing life... there was something strange. I had this suspect in the back of my mind...

I was unaware that he had put two different kinds of spyware on my PC and he controlled it all from there, my bank account, my phone calls, my emails, my diary and everything. I discovered that on last August and confronted him on this and on many others issues, I got a reaction simply not describable and I went away completely in pieces. I went in therapy and my doctor explained me he probably had this kind of personality disorder from a lot of details I told her - which are too long to be enlisted here.

Well I got on with my life, but I reported him to the police for what he put on my pc. Here in Italy times of justice are really long. I forgot about it all until the last 1 st of February when I discovered I was not able to log in my email account from my new pc. And after a long procedure I discovered that someone had stolen my password and changed my data on the account. The weird thing is that he put HIS date of birth in place of mine, and he substituted my name with "Olga"- I suppose it is the name of his new girlfriend. Notice the subtle evil of all this.

My profile on Facebook were connected with that email so I found my account on FB blocked. But he is still using it and having activities on it. I have done another report, paid the solicitor - whose fee is becoming increasingly large and I find this awful as the N seems to do whatever he wants and he seems untouchable.

Girls... I am a separated woman of 40 with two children. I have not a big wage. I had nothing much to be stolen... but what I had, he has stolen it. My hopes, my desires. My body. Even my secret thoughts in my diary. He has stolen EVERYTHING!

I cry to God for justice.

Thank you for letting me rant.