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10 months NC and dealing with the bumps in the road

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#1 Oct 23 - 5PM
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10 months NC and dealing with the bumps in the road

This post is part venting frustration and part success story...

As the title says it's been a solid 10 months no contact for me. For those of you that know my story know that it was a pretty confusing first few months. It's been pretty smooth sailing for awhile now. I'm enjoying life, excelling at work and rising up the ladder quickly. If there is one thing I can thank the ex for its that the whole situation I went through really made me put everything I had into work as an outlet/distraction from the mess of the break.

I recently switch from the iPhone back to a Google android phone. As such when I reactivated Google voice I was bombarded with almost 2 years of voicemails from my ex. I started deleting them but if anyone here is familiar with Google voice apparently the only way to delete is 1 at a time. And they all replay as you delete...
Aftw r almost 10 months of NC I'm forced to hear her voice. At first I felt sick. I tossed my phone away from me and stormed out of the room. But as I though about what I heard I was able to look beyond the "words" themselves. I noticed a pathetic need for attention. It was always "me me me" and never a nice thing to say about me. I didn't listen to the messages, just deleted as fast as I could, but what snuck through was enough to make me realize that I was right. That all of you were right. And that these people really are sad sad pathetic creatures.

All is well. Despite some nausea I'm still fighting the good fight.
Now does anyone know how to clear these damn messages so I can use Google voice again?! Haha

Oct 30 - 7AM
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"pathetic need for attention"

Oct 26 - 12PM
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Ignorance is bliss for me..I

Oct 24 - 3PM
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GSO....How utterly