IS the N really happy if he has to rub in my face he's "happy"

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Oct 8 - 4PM (Reply to #6)
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You gotta be careful with

You gotta be careful with yourself during these "lows". This is the time to be extra kind to yourself. That means what you put in your BRAIN as much as what you put in your body. If you had a spider crawling up your leg, you'd scream and brush it off and step on it (unless you're like me, and then you'd put it in a jar and make a pet out of it lol). When you have a low, the urge to read his FB, or text him, or even spend time wondering what he's thinking is the SAME as a spider crawling up your leg. Get it OFF before it bites you. Don't put garbage in your mind. Put good stuff in there. Go to the bookstore tonight and see if any of the book recommendations from VF are there. Put THAT kind of stuff in your head.
Oct 8 - 5PM (Reply to #7)
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Let's talk about his

Let's talk about his feelings of me going NC on his arse..let's talk about how he is freaking..that will make me feel
Oct 8 - 4PM
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have had the same thing this weekend, blah blah blah. Total fucking KNOB HEADS. As you can tell i am angry. You go girl NC is good. Now i wish i didnt text him back to say ONLY EMAIL. Its a load of bull. Now i have to text him and say NO EMAIL??? arrrgghhh