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He lied about his job

When we first met, I thought he was amazing and too good to be true! My exact words as how I would describe him. Three weeks after we met he wanted to " define he relationship" and make it official to his family! I was ecstatic! Finally, a man who knew what he wanted and didnt want to play dumb dating games! Six weeks in to the relationship he tells me he loves me! I was on cloud nine. This couldn't be happening to me. And a month and a half in to he relationship he drops hints that he wants to marry me. At this point I felt like everything I've been preparing for in my life has finally fallen in to place and I finally met the man of my dreams. Somewhere in to this relationship I began to doubt this fantasy. I decided to probe and ask in detail about his past relationships. One ex ran his car in to the wall another cheated on him. Everything is starting to make sense. When asked about his job occupation he claimed he did not know how to answer that question as he was apparently a jack of all trades. An entrepreneuer/ medical student. But as the saying goes " a jack of all trades is a master of none". Since he was so accomplished in so many fields I wanted to get a few " hookups" for free. He had promised them initially as a birthday present. However, birthday came around and nothing. Christmas comes around and nothing. He promised my parents a few things but never came through on any of his promises. I begin to wonder if any of his entrepreneurial conquests were actually real as I never saw any proof of what he mentioned on our first date. He claims that he offered to show me but I never wanted to see any of that. He threw tantrums , had rages the minute I didn t keep him posted. When questioned about his medical degree he threw a fit, saying that I was belittling him. He introduced himself as a doctor and got jobs as a doctor, but when I asked his medical colleagues if he was a medical doctor they said he hasn't gone to medical school yet but is able to operate? I was trying to ask detailed questions about his profession and he kept telling me that his detailed answers were good enough and that that was sufficient enough information. He didn't need to prove anything else. He tells me I am a weak person and that my life revolves around a certain social networking site and that I can go sleep with anybody to feel better about myself?! Wth? Who says that! Cut to the chase we break up around first week of December bc I feel like I was getting close to the truth of who he really is . He is so upset that I even questioned his career path/ medical degree that this time around I was convinced he wasn't coming back because if he did that meant I would want answers about his career. Three weeks after our breakup he texts me on new years eve to tell me that he would have proposed to me at the midnight countdown. But since we broke up he had to return the ring to get a certain percentage of the cash/ value back. Only to tell me that the new girl in his life is so much more " reasonable and logical" than I am which probably translates in to " she's a lot dumber than you and will give me what you couldn't " he said that she thinks he is "amazing" and she would never question what he does/did as I had done. Three weeks after our breakup he posted his new relationship status with his new girlfriend. The cycle begins again! So at this point I know I don't have to worry about him coming back. This whole ordeal lasted only a year and I'm glad he's out of my life!

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Clarity, this literally makes me want

to vomit. I am so so so so sorry this happened to you. But I am so so so so so glad you started paying attention to the red flags. His stupid, spiteful and almost quite hilarious new years eve D & D shows that you got to him. What a piece of work. REJECT HIM AND THE CHAOS HE CREATES. I feel sorry for his next victim... I am so glad you are out! Getting involved with these manipulative posers brings us many lessons, most of them tough. But I am here to tell you the lessons are valuable and life-changing. At 14 months out, my life is better than I ever imagined it would or could be. This will be true for you, too, dear Clarity. Sincerely, (not) spinning. BUT WISHING I COULD SEND ALL THESE DISORDERED FREAKS SPINNING INTO OUTER SPACE!


Jan 31 - 5AM
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Sounds like Frank Abagnale

Sounds like Frank Abagnale Jr. Remember this man? They made a movie about his life called "catch me if you can". There are many a con man in the world. I am so glad you got out when you did!