Empath, Psychic Chord, and Emotions Question

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Empath, Psychic Chord, and Emotions Question

I've been reading more about being an empath - which I definitely am - and the psychic chord, and now I'm wondering: all the anxiety I felt during our relationship, the feelings of being off-balance, the anguish, never knowing what was going on . . . were those MY emotions, or were they HIS?

Jun 10 - 10AM
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I personally think it has to

I personally think it has to do with you feeling theirs. If you are with someone that is sad, and being an empath, you feel sad. You feel sorry for them and their struggle. I would tell my exN, "when you're happy, I'm happy. when you are depressed, I'm depressed." Because I enjoy seeing my loved one happy. It isn't the same reason why he is happy but, I fed off of his emotions. I was happy seeing him smile and in a good mood. When he was, he was nice to me and I felt we were connecting and had a future. He wanted me happy, regardless of his emotions. I ask, how is that possible? How can you be happy when someone is covertly abusing you and your son? He made me insecure because of his actions and words....and it was because HE was insecure! From his actions, I became like him. He projected, and I absorbed it. When you are with someone that loves and respects you, you seem to love and respect yourself more and take care of yourself. With these N's, they take that away from you instead of giving.