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It's been almost 4 months since my husband left without warning. In these last few months I've come to realize just what he is, a narcissist with sociopathic traits. With the help of my friend who is a Psychiatrist she has really shed some light on just how unhealthy he is. He immediately moved in with a girl once he realized I had stood my ground on the verbal abuse he slammed me with at the end of November and quickly moved on with a girl he works with. I've read a ton on narcissism and things make perfect sense but it's the closure for me that I'm stuck at. I just can't even to this day still believe he did this to me and to us.. I didn't see it coming at all and despite understanding just how sick he is I just can't wrap my arms around it. The future we planned, all of what I thought was real was not real at all. It feels awful and I feel empty all the time. I know it's for the best but why it hurts so much and why I can't seem to move on is terrible. My friends just don't understand it and tell me to move on but that is easier said than done. Hopefully sharing with others who have been there will help.

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