WHY it is easy for me NOT to think about the Narc or others like him this year.......

In response to Pumpkin's beautiful enlightening post:

We just lost 20 children. 20 of our own in this country. I attended a prayer service for all involved at church on Saturday evening.

I got up and spoke about the LOST BOYS in our society and how it is our responsibility to look out for the warning signs if we see young boys in danger of becoming detatched.

What can we do? What can we do to help the MOTHER's who are so obsessed with their whacko husbands and boyfriends that they can no longer see the forest through the tree's.

Imagine a world where the natural thoughts of loving and helping the CHILDREN in our own lives and our own families was MORE important than stalking FACEBOOK to see what the Narc is up to today.

Imagine a world where we cared about our son's, nephews, grandson's, neighbor's son's, church community son's, MORE than we care about the whereabouts or happenings or some dipshit man who is already so far gone that all he can do is abuse others.

Imagine a world where we sat down at our computers and wrote a letter of sorrow and sympathy for the mothers, aunts, grandmother's, and survivors who need to face this Christmas trying to make sense out of a senseless act.

Imagine a world where we made this Christmas about loving the CHILDREN and NEEDY in our lifes who are just trying and struggling to make it happen this Christmas. People who want to do better, yet just need so badly a STEP UP from someone, anyone, who shows them a smile and a kind gesture.

Imagine a world filled with love, compassion, and thoughtfulness for someone who has less than we do and trust me, there is always someone who has less, not hard to find it your eyes are open.

I have spent the past several months trying to get a loved one out of jail who DID not commit the crime and was railroaded by a corrupt system and a liar, a woman who is lying, and has to face another day behind bars for a crime that he did not comitt. I KNOW he did not comitt this crime because I was there when he supposedly did it, so how is that for hard strong evidence of his innocence? Pretty strong I would say. He needs bail money to get home for Christmas and I will sell my last stick of furniture and forego anything for myself to get him here. He has been in jail for 15 years and was recently found innocent and the decision was overturned, YET, they are STILL trying to hold him on a bullshit technicality. How's that for injustice. I have had to watch this helplessly for 15 years and we are so close, yet so far away......I guess, HE is worse off than me with my petty little financial problems.

LIFE, the matters of your town, your world, your family, your TRUTH, are all passing you by as long as you continue to give a dark empty hole your heart and soul.

i CHOOSE NOT to give anyone who is not willing to do the work or be honest, or real to ME, the time of day any longer. There is way too much of importance going in in this world, in my country, in my town, and in my own family to WASTE another second of my time, energy, love, or THOUGHTS. I no longer think about such people (the narc and others like him). They are no longer the point. I have MUCH to give and MUCH to live for and that sort of thing is NO LONGER in my radar. It does not exist. It is now EASY not to think about it, because it holds no weight, no validity, and no promise. It is gone and over and done with, simply a time in my life where I MADE poor choices. I make decent choices now for how I want to spend my time and where I want to put my energy. It gets put where I want to put it, I am no longer controlled by the whims of others.

I have myself back and my own thoughts. This came from doing the work on ME, not anyone else. It did not come from anything whatsoever to do with the Narc aside from him being a catalysis to get me where I am today. Along with many many other catalysts as well.

HELLO, they just are NOT that important in the grand scheme of things in life.

They are diversion, a smokescreen for what is not right within us, no more, no less.

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless us Everyone!

God bless,

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Things that make a difference with no regrets

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