White House Party Crashers - Narcissism Unhinged!

Has it really come to this? Really? Does this not prove my point that American society is absolutely out of control right now?! Bravo is currently considering this woman to be on "Real Housewives of Washington, D.C." I'm sorry, but if this person represents the women of our nation's capital, I am moving to Europe!@#?!


Dec 5 - 2PM
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The tv news shows the same

The tv news shows the same 'walk-in' the party crasher does over and over like this is real news. her husband is watching where he is going and she is intensely glued to the cameras. It looks like her crashing might lose the press secretary her job and might put the crasher in jail. What a lot of craziness!They owe money to everyone, are in 16 lawsuits, and are happy as two clams.
Nov 30 - 9PM
Barbara (not verified)
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Stop Giving Fame Junkies their Sick Fix!

AMEN!!! By LINDA STASI There are two things Americans are supposed to protect and hold sacrosanct: our children and the office of the president. And now because of reality TV -- the bottom feeder of entertainment -- both have not only been violated, but endangered by some desperate grabs at unearned fame by subhumans longing to be "stars." Worse, instead of heading straight to jail and ponying up some serious bail money, the latest perpetrators of shameful behavior are looking to cash in big by getting paid to talk about it on TV. The unreality of reality TV went zipping across our TV set just last month when the parents of "Balloon Boy" created a hoax of national proportions and cost the citizens of Colorado a bundle trying rescue a child we all believed had been set afloat in a balloon. The scummy parents thought a reality show would come of it. They had a taste of fame when they had been on "Wife Swap" and were desperate for more. Then last week, there was the despicable couple who sneaked into the White House thinking the stunt would clinch their roles on "The Real Housewives of DC." Yes, they breached national security to get on TV -- and then started negotiating to get some TV show or other to pay them to talk. They should talk alright, but only after waterboarding! But it's not just these clowns who are to blame. What about all the scruple-free TV producers who encourage, demand and pay big bucks for these talentless people who will do anything to be famous? And it doesn't end there. Now comes the talk and "news" shows that fight to get these morons on air. The whole dirty bunch should be locked up. Every time a talk show books these shameless, dangerous creeps, they give them exactly what they crave most and deserve least: fame and notoriety. Reality-show stars and wannabes are not famous for their skills, their bravery or their brilliance. They are no-talent morons who have nonetheless figured out how to play the system. The system, by the way, is you and me, baby -- and the TV shows that pay them. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/stop_giving_fame_junkies_their_sick_yoq3dUCzcYuRvTPcCFiyLK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. - Gloria Steinem