STEP 1: UNDERSTAND IT - We educate ourselves on the personality of a narcissist.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is like being on a roller-coaster ride that never ends. One moment, you feel loved, adored and cherished. The next, you feel devalued, discarded and abused. A narcissist engages in "crazy-making" behavior in order to make you feel as though you are losing your mind. He wants to keep you guessing and doubting yourself at all times. This way we become dependent on him and he is in control. Once we learn to see the narcissist for the person he really is, we are finally able to free ourselves.

We realize we do not need this person in our lives to feel whole and complete. We were whole and complete before this person entered our lives and we will be whole and complete once we end our relationship with this person. It is the Narcissist who is preventing us from being truly happy. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Discover how you can learn not only how to SURVIVE, but THRIVE after narcissistic abuse.