The Text Message. A Brilliant Invention for the Narcissist.....

"A brilliant invention for the busy Narcissist on the run." Now we have the text which disappears after reading. The narcissist was jumping for joy the day that app was launched. The players paradise, no longer will there be any evidence in print.

Text Messages, Romantic gestures? Lazy? Or MAJOR Red Flags. TEXTS do not = Love.

A TEXT Message is not a contract, commitment, date, gift, or proof of ones love and devotion.

It is a text. A few seconds out of someone's day.

Most likely they are avoiding OW (which is also you at times) while texting you. Or some other unsavory behavior.

Texting is one of a cheaters/players/Narcissists favorite tools.

Keeps YOU thinking he is connected to you, regardless to what he is actually doing.

Someone may be texting you while they are in bed with OW.

Babe, I'm texting my boss, my Mom, my brother, my friend, my dog.

It's a win win all over the place for the Narc.

Texting is one of a cheaters/players favorite tools.

Keeps YOU thinking he is connected to you.

By what? A keystroke.

Texts DO NOT = Love.

I frequently hear: "he sent me a text." My response is generally, your point? "Well, he must miss me, he texted me." Your point? "I got so excited when I saw the text, I just had to talk with him." And you are back in the game and heck, all he did was lift one little finger, all
it took was a text which said, "Hey."

I once received a Happy Birthday text which simply said: ":)". Wow, what a world, no card, no present, no dinner. Just: ":)". By that point I was growing weary of his tight wad ways, yet, for a split second, I did get that excitement and rush you get when your crack dealer offers you a hit. I quickly came to my senses and said to myself, seriously? This is all he thinks he needs to do for me on my Birthday to get my attention? Apparently so.

I no longer bring my cell phone with me and I don't text at all.

I got along fine before I had one. I find it disturbing to my piece of mind. If I go on a trip. I bring it with me and ck my emails for emergencies. Whatever those are.

I think many people these days are somewhat confused about what constitutes an emergency.

Some jackass Narc wanting a quick ego burst/boost sexual hit from me hardly constitutes an emergency.

Texting has become such commonplace these days that it is The Players White Elephant in the room, manipulative tool.

Right there, in everyones hands, beeping, buzzing, and spewing its BS all over the world.

It was a sunny day in Narcville when a text became an acceptable LOVE making tool and an easy excuse/out for a multitude of avoidance behaviors and in some cases, lies.

Heck, one no longer needs to look you in the face OR hear your voice as they are royally screwing you over.

A liars paradise, they don't even need to see or listen to your reaction.

"A brilliant invention for the busy Narcissist on the run."

Text Messaging.

Hands down the Narcissists favorite toy.

Have you ever seen a Narc lose their phone?

It truly is a thing of beauty. For those of you still in doubt. The rageful rantings of a Narc without his cell would be similar to a cop without his gun.

They are completely naked without it.

Texting you sweet love all day is like a guy taking you to 7/11 for dinner. There's not much substance to the event.

Actions; not words.

Texting is not really much of an action for a Narc.

It's like getting your Christmas present from The Dollar Tree. If you even got one.

A text message is NOT an acceptable gift.

Boundaries. Self esteem. Setting the bar higher. Allowing them to do the work. God knows WE do the work. We kiss their asses yet often expect so little in return.



I'll let you in on a little secret.

Being available to a man 24/7 via text makes you look easy and eventually causes them to lose respect for you.

There, I said it.

Can't tell you how often I hear:

"I text him all day or and night and when we are together he treats me like shit!!!"

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Make them do the work, if they want your time and company; they will show you in ACTIONS.

I was in a class the other night and some guy was texting all through class. At some point, I mentioned that I don't bring my cell when I go out.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Someone said, why not?

I said, it disturbs my focus, peace of mind, and experiencing the now.

The people I am with right now deserve my full attention.

The NOW.



Are YOU reading more into receiving a text message from your narcissist than what is actually being offered and provided for you? Are you mistaking a text message as an act of love and commitment?

A text message is just that, a text message.

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This is excellent, Goldie. I

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Yes! So True!!!

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Goldie, you are spot