So you think he is home alone pondering the RELATIONSHIP?

Unless you have a Private Detective tailing them 24/7.......

If they are a Narc, trust me on this, they ARE NOT alone as much as YOU think they are.

They also use porno, drugs, food, random people, TV, games, gambling, the Internet, for supply.

Part of the nature of a Narc is to have a secret world, they get off on the fact that it is SECRET.

They have secret little connections ALL over the place that YOU know nothing about.

They are liars.

Silent Treatment= Other Supply

Narc Speak:

I don't feel well, I am going home to get some sleep.
Going to OW or home to whack off to porn or get some drugs if they are an addict.

I cannot stand that girl.
I am telling you I can't stand her to get YOU off the scent. I will be back to hit on her when YOU are not around.

I have NO money.
I have money for what I want money for. I got some from my parents, OW, or illegal activity. Not that YOU need to know any of this.

I am shy, I don't flirt with OW.
Yeah right, not in front of you I don't.

I lost my cell phone, it was stolen, the battey died, I left it in my truck, OW had it, it had no minutes left on it, ect..
I was busy and it is NONE of YOUR business what I was doing.

My boss is on to me, I cannot talk at work or see you.
I have my boss in my pocket and YOU are old supply so I don't need to waste my breaks on YOU

We are only friends
Ha ha ha ha ha

They ALL think you are crazy
Because I told them this so you won't talk to them and find out what I am REALLY up to.

She came on to ME
ha ha ha ha

She is a fat crazy bitch, you know I would never have sex with her
ha ha ha ha ha

You made me do it
It's a beautiful day in Narcville when You believe it is YOUR fault, lol

I did not MAKE you cry
You cry because you are an emotional wreck

Threesomes, bondage, rough sex will bring us closer
Closer to me gaining complete control over your body so I may do as I please with whoever I please

I need some space to rethink this relationship
OW is demanding overnights, WTF, she is a bitch in bed and I don't want to lose that right now.

YOU GET THE DRILL, I hope, because the sooner YOU GET THIS; the sooner it ENDS

Don't BELIEVE a word they say, EVERYTHING they say is suspect.

Once that lightbulb goes on in YOUR head, you will begin to see and remember everything quite differently.

The TRUTH will set you free; YOUR TRUTH, not theirs. They have NO truth.

God bless,

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Oct 14 - 6PM
MyTurnToBe Free
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Now I know

Aug 4 - 8PM
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Trust your intuition.., and Goldie's words

Aug 4 - 9PM (Reply to #48)
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Aug 5 - 5AM (Reply to #49)
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Thank you Truth~

Aug 4 - 6PM
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Those "Narc Speak" lines are

Aug 3 - 11AM
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I want to vomit

Aug 3 - 12PM (Reply to #45)
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Aug 2 - 6PM
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Mine *says* he never cheated

Aug 3 - 6PM (Reply to #43)
Luv2bme's picture

Mine never "fooled around" either, as he put it..,

Aug 3 - 6PM (Reply to #42)
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Mine never "fooled around" either, as he put it..,

Jun 14 - 10AM
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They love drama..they feed

Aug 3 - 6PM (Reply to #40)
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Female friends..

Jun 14 - 11AM (Reply to #34)
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"Im going to dinner with her,

Jun 14 - 3PM (Reply to #39)
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We work together..,

Jun 14 - 1PM (Reply to #36)
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Yes I am beginning to realize

Jun 14 - 2PM (Reply to #37)
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Jun 14 - 3PM (Reply to #38)
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Thanks Luv .. make that list.

Jun 14 - 12PM (Reply to #35)
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Bump Used! Actions speak

Jun 14 - 9AM
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Do the majority of them like rough sex?

Jun 14 - 11AM (Reply to #32)
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Apr 24 - 1PM
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this is one of my favorite of

Mar 10 - 6PM
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All well said and true..

Feb 22 - 2PM
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Sound very familiar..,

Feb 21 - 5PM
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Aug 21 - 2PM
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Jun 15 - 8PM
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this is a great description

Jun 8 - 8PM
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Its all true Goldie..

May 26 - 11AM
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May 22 - 10AM
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Hell NO! He's not pondering any of it!!

Aug 26 - 1AM (Reply to #22)
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Perfect job for it..