Silent Treatment, No Contact, Discard

What does it all mean?

NC is something done when one realizes they are in a toxic unhealthy R when used for our purposes here.

It is a choice one makes.

ST is designed to get a reaction out of you as Used clearly described to you.

Every time a narcissist does not choose to engage with you, it is not always either or (ST/NC).

Sometimes it's discard. You are not serving a purpose right now for them.

You are a booty call, cash-cow, social status hit, being used for triangulation purposes or any reason they have. They need an ego boost. Status report; to see if you have new supply. The rules you must follow do not apply to them. They are bored. It varies.

If none if those reasons apply today, you will not hear from them.

You are basically on call to be used as needed.

No need for the Narc today with you =

No call.

No text.

No email.

No drop by.

Narc wants something from you =




Drop by

You are complicating this. It truly is this simple.

PD's are not complicated.

They use you and know what they want.

We complicate this by pretending that there is more to the R than there is.

There is not.

Narc uses you and you don't like this.

So you pretend the R is something different or better.

This is what we do.

Wishful, fantasy, magical thinking.

Of course the Narcissist lies.

Their actions do not match their words.

Yet time and time again many choose to believe that which there is no evidence to see.

Change the way you think and the pain will lesson in time.

Together in Recovery~

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Dec 16 - 7PM
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Silent Treatment

Feb 14 - 6PM (Reply to #23)
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Dec 22 - 12PM (Reply to #22)
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No contact since noon Friday wi the Cheating Narc

Dec 16 - 9AM
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Dec 18 - 8PM (Reply to #17)
Better Now
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NC for 13 months

Dec 22 - 3PM (Reply to #18)
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Grrrr...I want his romances to fail

Dec 22 - 3PM (Reply to #19)
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Dec 22 - 4PM (Reply to #20)
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Thanks so much, I just needed

Dec 13 - 3PM
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In the middle of another D & D

Dec 18 - 8PM (Reply to #15)
Better Now
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It is hard

Dec 13 - 6PM (Reply to #11)
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Think about it...

Dec 21 - 4PM (Reply to #13)
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OMG I so relate

Dec 22 - 7PM (Reply to #14)
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Punishment never stops til we do

Dec 13 - 8PM (Reply to #12)
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I agree with this so much

Dec 13 - 9AM
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Goldie.. I need help.

Dec 18 - 8PM (Reply to #9)
Better Now
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I am glad you are meeting with Goldie

Dec 14 - 12AM (Reply to #7)
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Hi Saving

Dec 14 - 1AM (Reply to #8)
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Yes, thank you..

Dec 12 - 12PM
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Dec 7 - 12PM
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Essential and good point

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Abigail, your post hits home

Mar 17 - 7PM (Reply to #4)
Lisa E. Scott
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You are NOT crazy!

Dec 8 - 7PM (Reply to #2)
Lisa E. Scott
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Great blog, Goldie!

Dec 7 - 12AM
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thank you