The POWER Professions and "Credibility" Factor

This is in answer to a members comment regarding shock at a Psychologist posting his profile on a dating site.

Dating sites have members of most any profession.

They are not limited to any particular profession. Psychologist's may be just as disturbed as anyone else. Profession has NOTHING to do with someone's mental or emotional state. PD's are evident in all professions. The ministry, medical, education, ect.... As a matter of fact we have many on here who have been involved with such men in such professions.

Wherever you, go they are there and you particularly find preditors in "power" professions. Look at all the Catholic priests and teachers who have violated children and women. I know adult women who were violated by ministers, priests, ect... Women who have been hit on by their therapists, doctors, childrens teachers, lawyers, and so on. They look for the vulnerable. The vulnerable situation. You may be facing difficulty in your life and they come across as: "trying to help you."

My last X was an auto mechanic and he began by fixing my car for FREE and of course the rest was history. I'll pay to have work done on my house and car from now on, thank you. The point is, I needed the help at the time and there he was. Mechanic is not a power position of course until your car won't start and then it becomes one and they know it.

Wherever you see a inequality of power you are going to see some preditors. What a perfect set up for a professional preditor anyway because the women are going to say:

Oh goody I found a Doctor, Lawyer, Psychologist, teacher, respected coach, law enforcement, a well known celebrity, a business executive, politician, online (or anywhere) and he is GREAT, and he likes ME, lucky me. This is until you find out he is not WHO he "appears" to be. It is a perfect set up to fool your victims because for some, what the profession may be, gains your trust for who you THINK they may be. A built in credibility factor to suck you in and "hook you."

If you find yourself in one of these types of relationships and you are reluctant to leave because you think you may have a "GOOD CATCH", think again.

MANY a man in a power position has taken many a woman down and they know how to do it better than most.

Be careful with that type of thinking, it has fooled many many women right into the depths of hell.

But he was a Doctor................. A Christian.............. A volunteer helping needy children.................


God bless,

Of course many in these professions ARE NOT preditors, however, just because they are in these professions, DOES NOT by any stretch exempt them from any PD, addiction, or any other disorders or bad behaviors.

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exw. texts him, he is

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I agree with Used

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This is soooo right!

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"All that glitters is NOT gold"

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They are the worst

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Absolutely. I fell into this

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Yes it is easy to fall into their trap