Narcissists are Emotion Plagiarizers/Goldie

Narcissists are Emotion Plagiarizers/Goldie

Emotional Plagiarizers, meaning they USE and suck from others what they have SEEN or learned works.

They steal/borrow suck dry the emotions of others including yours.

Women apparently like romantic songs, poems, gestures and so on.

Soulmate, as one, meant to be.....

They mimic what they see working and what is EFFECTIVE.

Like an investment banker.

Does it net profit/results or not?

If they put out; they expect/demand a payoff/result.

This is why they, so called, change/NOT.

They did not so much change as they paid their insurance premiums with you.

Love bombing, romance, kiss assing, and so on

Them changing is still them.

They paid up front, now you are expected to do the same.

To be clear.

This is a one time payout. They told you exactly what YOU wanted to hear.

They will NOT ever love bomb you again unless it is to throw you a bone to suck you back in if they fear they are losing control.

In that case, there will be a hefty price to pay (you trying to regain your control).

That's what you think. You put your foot down; not going to put up with it anymore!!

He WILL be sure to get the last jab in; no doubts there.

Some may say:

He changed. He realizes now. Yup.

Then he does something worse. He's simply thinking. I'll show the bitch who is in charge here.

Many cry at this point. I don't get it. I don't get it.

How can he be so mean??

He can easily be so mean.

He paid already. He sent you the songs, romantic dinner. Whatever.

He does not care that you think it should be an on going thing.

It will not be because he did not do it because he loved you. He did it to control you.

Big difference.

He did not change. He was the same all along.


He had a goal and a target.

He did not change.

You did.

You turned into someone you no longer know or respect.

This was the goal/ plan all along.

Weak people are easier to control than strong ones.

Then they have the nerve to complain that YOU are different now.


Whatever happened to that sweet loving strong women he fell in love with?

Well you kicked the shit out of her asshole.

Took took took with so little in return.

And the beat goes on.

Wash, rinse, spin, Repeat.

The abuse cycle is established and complete.

You keep looking for that initial hit/high.

Like the crack pipe.

Maybe if I take another hit. I'll feel better.

Meanwhile they are out securing new supply in the exact same manner.


Because it works.

It is effective.

After all, old supply is on to them now. Is BORING and a hassle.

Narcs do not do boring or hassles. Not for them.

So you think you are smarter than others. Sexier prettier. Famous, rich. Have children together, a history.

You rationalize in your mind.

Your narc is different.

You are going to trick the system; buck the system.

You will spend hundreds thousands to make it work. Sell your soul if you must. Anything.

You want those good feelings back.

Damn it!!!!

Plastic surgeons
Narcissist cures
Personality change
Self injurious behaviors
Give him whatever he wants
Sexually, financially, whatever.
Just keep him happy and coming back.

When he leaves the pain is overwhelming.

Endless planning to fix this. Make it better. Make it work. Make him want you more than OW.

Half the time you feel like you are losing your mind yet you will do whatever it takes to make this work.

The truth of the matter is narcissists prefer new supply.

Why not?

They don't know them as you do.

Narcs do not do intimacy.

Real intimacy.

Sex with a narcissist is NOT intimacy.

The cure is not in getting him to be who you thought he was.

It is in getting back you.

For some they may not even remember who it was. It has been so long.

The help is here if you want it.

Help to understand them. What just hit you and in getting, YOU back.

God bless.


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