The Narcissist Recovery Support Groups on The Path Forward are worth their weight in Gold

The Narcissist Recovery Support Groups on The Path Forward are worth their weight in Gold

The Support Group gives you 12 weeks, 24 hours, of the latest information, education, and recovery techniques available today.

I have years of experience working with survivors of Narcissist trauma, confusion, and abuse. I have worked with hundreds of women and men globally with the one on one, personalized sessions, as well as in the Support Group setting.

I work with all levels of recovery, from a few days out, struggling to get out, to those still suffering months and years out.

Group members range from just beginning to understand, to months out, still struggling with PTSD symptoms, understanding it, and slips with no contact.

It's all the same fix, whether you were married, dating, co workers, an affair, family members, and so on.

I know what it takes to understand the Narcissist as well as understanding yourself and what brought you to this place.

I have worked with wives, daughters, husbands, mistresses, co workers, girlfriends, boyfriends the courts, and every aspect of understanding and recovering from the devastation.

Many of my clients are no contact, yet some are still involved and struggling with understanding it and in many cases co parenting challenges, mediation anxiety, and boundary setting with a Narcissist.

My goal is to help you to feel better and gain understanding, clarity, self empowerment, and healing.

Immediate relief for you. Freedom from the daily obsessing and loss of self esteem and peace of mind.

The Support Group works. You will feel better. There is help and hope available.

There is nothing standing in your way of feeling better. The help is here now.

I have two new Support Groups beginning shortly.

Sign up today for you. Bring in the holidays and the New Year with with hope, dignity, and self respect.

These new Groups with be starting in a couple of weeks, and will assure you a new beginning. A fresh start, a new outlook and a better way of life.

Reserve your seat today. A safe secure environment from the privacy of your own space. Relax, learn, and grow into the person you were intended to be. The Support of the Group and the other members is an invaluable asset to your healing. We all understand and are there to support each other.

NARCISSIST RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUP with GOLDIE Weekly support group recovering from a Narcissist.

I have two Support Groups beginning soon to accommodate your schedules.

Great for new comers and old timers. I have all levels of recovery in group.

Tuesday evenings @ 8pm EST.

Wednesday days @ 1 pm EST. Also great for our UK I and overseas members. It's 6pm your time.

Contact Goldie

Together and Healing,

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