The Narcissist Playing the God Card

Playing the God card and therapy with a narcissist:

Let's get real here, shall we?

"Do as say, not as I do." Sound familiar? "You need to be the perfect Christian wife or husband, I will do as I please." "I answer to no one, you answer to me (God)."
~A Christian marriage with a Narcissist~

Narcissists frequently play the God card, as if a self serving, self centered, rageful, disordered narcissist has a direct speed dial relationship with God. The notion is ridiculous. Hey God, it's narc calling, what shall I say to my wife to keep her on board with my manipulation and abuse. Ah, my son, let me give it some thought. Perhaps you should use my holy name in vain to con her some more into staying on board with your insanity. Say, she can't leave you because it will upset me and drag her into therapy because most therapists don't understand narcissists and will feel sorry for you or fail to understand why this is such a struggle for you.

Playing the God card is for your benefit. I guess you would have to believe that God wants you to suffer for any of this to be plausible.

Why does the narcissist play the God card? Because apparently it works, it's effective with you or else you would not be sitting in therapy with a narcissist expecting him to change. Or is it God who is going to change him? Let's not forget that narcissists lie, so seriously, do you imagine he is telling God the truth? Not likely, he is most likely telling God that you are the crazy one and he is pure as the driven snow. The difference between God and you, is that God does not buy into his BS for one second. That is your issue, not his.

It is up to you to see the truth here, to believe that God does not want you to suffer. You are not going to receive your validation from the narc or apparently this therapist. Perhaps the therapist sees the truth, yet wants to continue to collect the premiums or can't see the real dynamic here. It doesn't matter which, she either doesn't get it or doesn't care to get real.

I went to a good psychologist with the narc a few times and once the narc did not attend. The therapist, smiling, asked me, seriously, what are you doing with this clown? You must be getting something out of it, that I am not able to see.

Now that, is a great therapist. He was not going to waste my time or his, slinging a song and dance my way, he got right to the point. He had no intentions of stringing me along to pad his pay check.

The truth lies within you, not anyone else.

My next support group begins a week from this Tuesday, you will receive more support and insight from this 12 week program than you will from 5 years with your narcs input and this therapist beating around the bush. Many of my clients say, it was the best gift they have ever given themselves.

Much love,
Together and strong,