The love bombing by a Narcissist

The love bombing by a Narcissist

Is our first clue that something is wrong.

"Healthy" people have lives. They don't have time to engage with you around the clock in the beginning.

Yes, many of us mistook the constant attention for love.

It is not. It is fake. A huge red flag. Not healthy. Bad sign. Manipulative. Needy.

I certainly don't have time to engage with someone to that extent either. Unless of course my co dependency and love addiction kicks in and I become obsessed with another and put myself and my needs on hold.

This is how the dance begins. Their manipulation and our fantasy thinking. Us wanting to believe that love means catering to us 24/7

Men know that some women have this need, desire, this fantasy of what love is supposed to look like.

So con men, players, and Narcissist feed into your desire to be adored.

Just when they have you hooked into believing that they are different than other guys and they know you better and that you are SPECIAL......

They pull the rug out from under you and their dance of hate and rage begins.

Narcissists don't love women. Many of them are misogynists.

Your problem, I believe, is that deep down inside, you know this to be true.

Your battle is not with him, it is with yourself.

You are fighting with your own sense of what is real and true.

Denying your own instincts.

Knowing what he is, is all well and good, however, knowing who you are is better.

You want to be loved and cared for.

You want to believe in love and goodness.

You want to pretend he is who you thought he was.

The problem is.....

He is not that person, he is who he has shown you he is after the love bombing honeymoon period ended.

You know who he is.

Now, who are you?

Someone who is going to continue to put up with this abuse


Someone who is going to suck it up, face and accept the truth and at long last, get off of this crazy train once and for all?

The ball is in your court, where it has been all along.

You have the power to reclaim your life anytime you choose.

What's it going to be?

Together and Healing,

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a great piece of advice..

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