Lance Armstrong's Narcissism

Lance Armstrong....Is He or Isn’t He a Narcissist? That seems to be the million dollar question right now in light of his recent admission on Oprah that he did in fact dope for years, yet threatened and sued anyone who tried to challenge his assertions that he was clean.

The vengeance with which he went after those who challenged him is incomprehensible to me and is what has me exploring his personality right now. I mean, it’s one thing to lie and cheat, but then to go so far as ruin the lives of people who were simply telling the truth is beyond callous to me.

To help us understand his behavior, I will be interviewing Joseph Burgo, PhD. who recently wrote an excellent article in the Atlantic on Lance’s narcissism.

Believe it or not, when this article was published, I had already been reading Dr. Burgo’s book titled "Why Do I Do That? Defense Mechanisms & The Hidden Ways They Shape Our Lives" in an effort to help myself understand the ways in which I subconsciously shape my life by my behavior.

As some of you know, I am a certified Coach in Subconscious Restructuring, and fully believe that our subconscious drives all of our behavior, yet we do not know how to tap into it nor are we aware of how it can get in the way of forming close relationships with others. Therefore, I began reading Dr. Burgo’s book in an effort to be more mindful about how my own behavior and defense mechanisms shape my life. I highly, highly recommend his book to anyone who is interested in doing the same:

One thing that most experts all agree on is that a narcissist has no ability to self-reflect or be introspective. Dr. Burgo suggests that the key to Lance Armstrong’s recovery is to feel authentic guilt for the hurt he inflicted on so many people. While I would love to think this is possible, I don’t see how when a true narcissist has no ability to do such a thing. A pathological narcissist has no remorse and it is clear by Lance Armstrong’s recent interviews that he has absolutely zero.

Dr. Burgo’s work is pivotal in helping people understand how narcissism is a defense mechanism against shame. I am fascinated by his work and very excited to let you know that I will be interviewing him on my BlogTalkRadio Show on March 13th at 5:30pm CST. I hope you will join us!

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Luv2beme Marlinmom

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They are hypochondriacs who hate sick people!!

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this is a revelation,

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24 hours of labor and his FEET hurt?????

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until they get ill. i never

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Oh how I miss George

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His true colors

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