It's All About Karma on "The Bachelor Pad"

Yes, “The Bachelor Pad” and its series of shows are admittedly a guilty pleasure of mine. I am fascinated by human behavior. I teach Organizational Psychology, write, blog and study human conduct every day.

I watched the “The Bachelor Pad” last night and must say that Erica Rose was downright brilliant in her thoughts and observations. In my opinion, Erica Rose is rose is a rose is a rose!

One thing I’m certain most HR professionals can agree on is that humans are capable of great deception. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to human behavior. Every time I think I have seen it all, someone does something so deceitful that I come close to losing my faith in humanity as a whole.

Last night’s episode of “The Bachelor Pad” restored my faith in humanity for a number of reasons, which all boil down to the undeniable reality that KARMA IS A BITCH!

For starters, Chris Bukowski needed his arrogant ass handed to him after sleeping with three different women in the house....and who better to do so than his former partner, Blakeley, whom he completely dissed and tried to get everyone to vote out of the house in last week’s episode.

Kalon described it as “Poetic Justice at its best” and Erica reminded us that “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned” when Blakeley and her new partner, Tony, DOMINATED the very next competition, allowing Blakeley to hand Mr. Bukowski his narcissistic ass on a tea cup platter! No pun intended, of course!

I must admit it was oh so sweet to watch. I honestly had to rewind it several times to re-experience the irony and poetic justice it served more than once. As Blakeley said, you couldn’t have written a better ending to that drama.

Blakeley is very athletic to begin with and after reeling from the way Chris Bukowski treated her, she was fired up and it showed. She killed it at the tea cup competition winning in her own race and then coaching Tony to victory! I don’t care what anyone says about Blakeley, she is a fierce competitor and an excellent coach. I think she would make a great partner to someone and Tony sure seems to think so after watching last night’s episode.

But wait, this beautiful display of poetic justice or Karma or whatever you prefer to call it was only the beginning to last night’s fascinating study in human behavior on “The Bachelor Pad.” Another player, very surprisingly, also decided to play with fire and got burned very badly. Michael Stagliano, whom everyone knows as a super nice guy who had his heart broken by Holly in previous seasons is apparently a wolf in sheep’s clothing as well. Not sure who is worse, Chris or Michael?

Michael has been friends with Erica Rose for years now and you would think with that kind of friendship and history comes loyalty and trust. Not so in Michael’s world. I was astounded when he started developing a strategy whereby everyone was to secretly vote Erica off, but lie to her and tell her they were voting Lindzi off the show.

Not only that, but Michael takes it a step further and decides they should all make Erica believe that Chris Bukowksi was the mastermind behind voting her off so she would take him with her when eliminated at the end of last night’s episode.

Michael gloated the entire time this was going on commending himself on his ability to manipulate and deceive others. It really showed his true colors, which were frightening, to say the least.

While this is going on, we have another snake in a suit (or bad blazer if you ask me) cavorting around the house sleeping with Jaclyn every night yet when asked in front of everyone if Jaclyn means anything to him romantically, he denies any such feelings whatsoever. It was such a slap in the face to poor Jaclyn.

Everyone is professing their love for one another when Chris Harrison asks Ed about his relationship with Jaclyn.

Ed responds by saying:

“I made a decision before I came here that romantically I would never get involved with anyone here and I still firmly believe that.”

Chris Harrison then turns and says:

“Jaclyn, what does that mean?!”

While this question did not warrant an answer, Jaclyn handled it with nothing but class.

Would you like my answer to this question, Chris Harrison?

Not sure you do, but here goes...

What this means is:

1) Ed is a user and manipulator who doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants in the end


2) Ed and Chris Bukowski are obviously f_ck_ing each other!

I am so not kidding here! Has anyone watched the interaction between these two men? The intensity and jealousy between them is palpable! It is so obvious to me that they are sleeping with one another that I find it comical we are led to believe otherwise. Their teenage fight last night in the middle of the episode was fueled by nothing but jealousy, lust and animalistic rage. I was waiting for one of them to throw the other one against the wall and start having make-up sex!

Ok, enough about the narcissistic men on display on “The Bachelor Pad” and back to why Erica Rose is such a rose in my book! When Erica realizes that Michael was actually the person behind getting her voted off the show, she gave him a piece of her mind and did so with such eloquence and poise that I will forever worship this woman’s tenacity.

While Michael was trying to shut her up by talking over her, Erica delivers the best parting speech I’ve ever seen in Bachelor history:

“I’m glad you came back so people could see you’re not this poor little victim caught in a love triangle. Instead, you’re a bad friend and a bad person. I’m so happy I’m taking you away with me and couldn’t be happier that I’m serving justice. This is Karma!”

She’s right…..last night’s show of “The Bachelor Pad” was ALL ABOUT KARMA and what few people seem to realize is that Karma is does not go is a truly a bitch, in the best sense of the word. In today’s age of raging narcissism and selfish behavior, I thank Erica Rose for reminding everyone that Karma is not something any one of us can avoid.

"How people treat you is their Karma; How you react is yours." ~ Wayne Dyer

Aug 30 - 8PM
Night Owl
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Ed and Chris seem like Narcs.

Aug 22 - 4PM
florence (not verified)
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I see what you're saying Lisa

Aug 23 - 1AM (Reply to #3)
Lisa E. Scott
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Ha, so true Flo!!!

Aug 21 - 7PM
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Interesting observations. I

Aug 21 - 11PM (Reply to #1)
Lisa E. Scott
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