How To Create A Bathroom That’s A Safe Haven When You’re Overwhelmed

When you’re in recovery from narcissistic abuse, there can be days when everything feels overwhelming. Of course, recovery from narcissistic abuse is never as simple as just taking a bath with scented candles, but when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be soothing to have a safe space to retreat to. The bathroom is the perfect place for just that because it’s so easy to lock the door and grab yourself some privacy so that you can take a breath.

Get a tub

The bath can be the perfect place to unwind, and bathing comes with mental health benefits. When you’re feeling anxious, two of the physical symptoms can be that the muscles in your body tense up and your digestion is affected.

Sitting in a warm bath can help with both of these things because the warm water will soothe your muscles and prompt them to relax, and it can help with digestion problems, too. The ideal temperature for a bath is between 40 and 45°C.

If you’ve been struggling with mindfulness and meditation exercises, the bath can also be a great place to give these a try! You could add some essential oils and then try focusing on how the water feels on your skin and how the oils smell in order to bring yourself back into your body.

Include plants

Adding plants is a great way to promote a sense of wellbeing. Plants release oxygen into the room around them, which helps to improve brain function and mood. More than this, people naturally feel calmer and happier just from being around plants because they promote a sense of peace. Finally, looking after plants can provide a sense of accomplishment and connection with something outside of yourself. So, add some plants to your bathroom to help promote a sense of calm and a place where you can unwind.


One of the most critical things about creating a bathroom that’s a safe haven is ensuring that it’s physically safe. If you, or another family member, have limited mobility, then it’s well worth looking into accessible bathrooms so that you can still enjoy all of the calm and tranquillity that a bathroom provides, knowing that you’re safe while you use it. Check out for a range of beautiful mobility bathrooms.

Add natural elements

Natural elements such as bamboo, wood, and stone all add to a tranquil aesthetic, and using them as decorative features will mean that you naturally feel calmer as soon as you enter the room. So, the next time you’re walking outside or at the beach, pick up a stone or a shell that you like and bring it back with you to add your bathroom haven.

Add music

A lot of people like to watch television in the bath, but the blue light from screens can actually increase anxiety. Try listening to music while you’re in the tub. Music has been shown to affect the number of stress hormones such as cortisol that are released by your body and can, therefore, help with anxiety and overwhelming feelings.