Going to chapel and we're going to get married

Marriage... As they say planning for the wedding is the easy part.. It's the challenges of two people who love each other as a couple " FOR BETTER OR WORSE".

And believe you me some days are worse then better..

Marriage is the respect that two people have for one another.. It's all about give and take.. BALANCE..

Now throw in life " life is like a box of chocolates " jobs, family, finances , health.. You get out what you put in...

We are born innocent, a blank slate.. As we grow we face life..( I think that's why vacations are necessary) GOOD VS EVIL..a loving partner is well worth facing life..

One must understand the grim reaper is walking the earth.. The forbidden fruit.. Or we can simply call him "THE NARCISSIST" ( I call him the Dog Whisperer )

Some may live life and never face this Devil.. Others, like us here.. Have not been as lucky .. They seem to strike when the chips are down , we just bit into a chocolate covered cock roach..

So tasty on the surface but when you bite in, the middle is sour, disgusting... It's an insect..

They slither into our lives.. Prince charming .. Handsome, sexy, everything that a Hollywood movie has made us believe... They give us the Good parts of life.. Happily Ever After..

They start small.. Then slowly, slowly creeping in, love bombing, gifts, you're hooked... You've submitted to the devil..

" my husband never dose that , my husband never says that" and of course he is brainwashing you into believing he is Prince Charming and your husband is a toad... They do this by listening, by understanding who we are.. They learn our wants and needs , they learn our weakness..they mirror us, they become us.

Then it's Wham, Bham , look out Bat Man...I've been Narced..he turned into a roach..

Never underestimate the power of the Narcissist.. Its a slow process of them learning who you are .. And bit by bit they build us up then tear us down like wind of a hurricane .. We give them the wind to blow us down.. Soon we are standing in the middle of mass destruction..

Rebuilding is possible .. Look within yourself.. Look at your life and see what's in front of you.. My guess is your husband is not that toad.. You married for a reason.. You just went off the path for a while.. Most of us who have tasted the Roach, Must realize life is like a box of chocolates .. Going forward make sure you do your homework before you bite..

We are all the Other Woman.. It's a game for them.. If you're married the Narcissist can strike anyone at anytime .. Some enjoy wrecking family's and homes because they can not have what you have..

Look at what you have , embrace it and build on it.. Get out the can of Raid and squash that Roach like the bug he is..

We are human .. We make mistakes.. If something is broken we as humans have the power to fix it.. Lets use the tools of the Path Forward ..


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Thank you Hunter

Jul 19 - 1AM
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This really hits home for me!

Dec 19 - 6PM
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Holy cow, that's exactly

Aug 21 - 8PM
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Very good reminder.

Jun 14 - 4AM
GettingBackTo M
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They cannot have what you have...

Dec 13 - 5PM
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life unwrecked

Dec 9 - 7AM
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Ewe. Chocolate

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Thankyou Hunter

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I absolutely love this blog,

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Lisa E. Scott
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Love it, Hunter!

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This is such an emotive

Nov 6 - 10AM
shock and awe.some
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Oh the cockroach analogy

Nov 6 - 7AM
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hit the nail on the head here

Nov 6 - 4AM
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Amen Hunter

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Love the cockroach analogy

Nov 15 - 3PM (Reply to #1)
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We are all the Other Woman