Do you love a Toxic Narcissist?TWENTY QUESTIONS

Are you "in love" with or related to a Toxic Narcissist?

Narcissists are toxic people to those who love them. Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. We all hear much on the subject of addiction these days and how the addict must find a way to stay away from and ultimately free themselves from the object of their addiction. Most of us have heard that a herion addict cannot afford to dabble in small quantities of herion for relief from their withdrawal symptoms. Even one shot or a snort is enough to set them back into their addiction and wanting more. The sex addict cannot afford to watch pornography on occasion if the are trying to obtain sobriety because the visual is generally enough for their addiction to kick in and next they are out looking for a stronger fix.

Toxic people often have the same effect on people as does any other substance if they are exposed to the toxicity.


Do you have toxic narcissist in your life?

To answer this, ask yourself the following questions and answer them as honestly as you can.

1. Do you feel your situation is different and others don't understand?

2. Have you lost your inner voice and excitement for the life you once enjoyed?

3. Do you often feel drained around the narcissist or after they leave? Are they draining your energy and does your life force become dim in their presence or when you are thinking about them?

4. Do you question yourself and take blame for things which you know are not your fault or responsibility? Do you fear the problems may be you and they will treat another better than you?

5. Are you obsessing about the narcissist when they are not present and is this affecting your ability to remain focused? Are you preoccupied with what the narcissist is doing, who he is with or what he may be thinking?

6. Do you find yourself tracking the narcissist, including following them, drive bys, questioning and befriending people they know for information, searching their emails, texts, social media, etc...?

7. Are you Isolating yourself from or becoming disturbed by others who question your having the narcissist in your life? Defending your right or desire to stay with the narcissist?

8. Are you experiencing conflicting thought and feelings regarding whether or not the narcissist is good for you or bad for you.

9. Do you fantasize about the great life you will have together even though there is evidence to the contrary?

10. Do you hope they will contact you even though you know they are not right pay for you? Do you experience a high when you hear from the narcissist?

11. Do you have an urge to seek revenge towards the narcissist because their treatment towards you is causing you to feel badly about yourself?

12. Do you put the needs of the narcissist ahead of your own and others in your life? Have you lost your self esteem and self care routine?

13. Do you find yourself lying to others about your behaviors with the narcissist and your efforts in trying to get them back?

14. Do you have physical and mental symptoms which you did not have prior to meeting the narcissist?

15. Have you experienced a loss of interest in activities, people, and things which once brought you happiness?

16. Have you changed yourself to please the the narcissist? Have you sacrificed your values and belief system in order to please the narcissist? Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around the narcissist?

17. Have you lost your dignity and pride by begging the narcissist to come back after abuse or betrayal?

18. Do family and friends comment on how you have changed, you are not the person you once were?

19. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to go no contact from the narcissist? Are you experiencing frantic thoughts and feelings when you are unable to reach the narcissist? Do you promise yourself to stay away from them yet are unable to do so?

20. Are you feeling hopeless and depressed because you cannot change of fix the narcissist? Have your attempts to seek help proven unsuccessful?

If you are experiencing many of these symptoms you have been involved with a narcissist.

Help is available. You can fully recover and heal from a narcissist. You are not in this alone. Reclaim your self empowerment and peace of mind.

Much love,
May you experience love and light on your path forward,


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