Divorcing a Narcissist - Tonight on Blog Talk Radio

Tonight we will discuss the painful process of Divorcing a Narcissist. It seems particularly relevant today in light of Christie Brinkley’s announcement to the press that her ex-husband, Peter Cook, is an extreme narcissist.

Upon settling custodial issues in court today after months of disagreement, Brinkley made a statement to reporters. She said:

“"Google 'Divorcing a narcissist,'. "It will give you a lot of insight into what I've been going through for the past three and a half years.”

"Well, as I said on my Facebook page today, I am very grateful to Christie Brinkley for building awareness on narcissism and speaking out about it. She is an inspiration! As such, I thought the topic of divorcing a narcissist would be most appropriate for this week’s show.

Lisa E. Scott, author of "It's All About Him" will continue her discussion with book/messageboard readers on how to avoid or recover from painful relationships with narcissists. In this week's episode, Lisa and Elena will provide general insight on how the experience of divorcing a narcissist is different from divorcing a normal person. Tips on how to handle the narcissist during this process as well as how to maintain your sanity will also be provided.


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