Dealing with a Break-Up

A break-up of any relationship is one of the most traumatic situations that anyone can go through in life. It can feel as though you have lost a part of yourself, and without having that person by your side you might feel that you’re no longer strong enough to deal with whatever life throws at you. There is no quick fix to coming to terms with your emotions and simply “getting over it”—after all, you can’t turn your emotions on and off like a switch. Sometimes, it’s important to prioritize your own needs when it feels as though your world has turned upside down in order to come to terms with the upheaval you have encountered. This guide, will offer some useful advice on dealing with a break-up.

Keep busy

Some people find it easier to stay busy after a break-up so that they don’t spend too much downtime ruminating over what happened and creating unhelpful thoughts about their ex-partner. A break-up is almost like processing grief. If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, make it your priority to get out there and keep yourself busy—whether it be taking on extra hours at work, joining a club, or catching up with friends. Plan ahead to keep your schedule busy so you always have an activity to look forward to.

Give yourself some space

It can be extremely difficult to cut your ex-partner completely out of your life, especially if you have been in a relationship for several years. While you don’t necessarily need to make this decision right now, you owe it to yourself to make use of some personal space to clarify your thoughts and learn to deal with the situation. If possible, try to avoid your ex for a while—and that goes for social media, too.

Pamper yourself

Many people develop a self-care routine to make them feel better about themselves after a break-up. This allows you to focus on your own needs and can boost your mood during the toughest moments. One of the most common self-care tips is to undergo a total hair transformation to give you a new-found sense of confidence and identity. Even just a simple change like this can make you feel as though you can take on the world. Booking with a professional hair salon in Surrey will ensure you are recommended a color and style that suits your skin tone and features.

Consider a professional therapist

Dependening on the severity and consequences of the break-up, you may find it difficult to come to terms with it without the relevant support. While friends and family can be on hand to talk and offer advice, sometimes it may be necessary to talk to a professional therapist who is trained to work through your emotions and find the best ways to cope. While your immediate contacts are always on hand to chat, they’re likely to be extremely biased towards you, simply because they care, which isn’t the most helpful response if both sides need to be seen.