The Best Revenge for a Narcissist

The Best Revenge for a Narcissist

I recently received this question in regard to The Best Revenge for a Narcissist:

"I have read in many places - that indifference is
the ultimate punishment for a narc but at the same time it is said
that he/she does not care, it is he/she who feels no empathy.

How can indifference be a punishment for someone who does not care?"

Narcs thrive on supply/attention.

Control is their mothership, as they fear intimacy.

Primarily they vacillate between fear and anger.

Think, petty angry brooding sulking spoiled brat. Narc injury.

Thus, ignoring a petty spoiled fearful control freak naturally is going to evoke fear and rage.

Rage that you have the control; your power back.

Fear that they may be losing something of value.

They value power and control.

When you take this back they temporarily fear you and feel anger towards you. Think misogynist. Needing you; yet fearing you and hating you all at the same time.

Control freaks loath what they crave or need.

Once you succumb; their fear subsides, they are in control again and the abuse/indifference is evident again.

This is how they actually feel.

You grow confused as their begging and pleading appear real as they experience you pulling away.

Some may attack you physically, emotionally, or mentally. Perhaps some will cry and beg.

We call this, the abuse buffet.

They do what works with you, after all, manipulation is all about end result.

Best to you,

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Aug 21 - 4AM
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Crying and begging..

Nov 11 - 9AM
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This helped me..

Sep 28 - 8PM
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Married the Narc!

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Sep 27 - 9AM
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Recently snubbed my narc - will he still try and come back?

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Take care of you

Sep 17 - 9PM
Better Now
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Love this post

Sep 12 - 2PM
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Excellent blog post Goldie!

Journey on...

Sep 4 - 5PM
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Perfect timing, Goldie

Sep 3 - 5PM
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This resonated with me, Goldie...

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Better Now
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I know

Sep 21 - 5PM (Reply to #10)
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How long to have yourself back

Sep 25 - 1PM (Reply to #11)
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Yes Vicki

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Miss Brownville
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The "Friend" Card

Oct 28 - 11AM (Reply to #6)
Barbie debunked Ken
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It's only over if you make it so . . .

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I agree

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Day 2

Sep 28 - 10PM (Reply to #4)
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Love Me More