Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Narcissist of the Worst Kind!

Have this man no shame?! Has he not done enough damage to Maria Shriver and their children that he must now write a tell-all book to feed his pathetic addiction to attention and publicity?

Talk about a Narc of the worst-kind! Arnold is so desparate to be in the spotlight that he has now written a book telling all the details of how he fathered a child with the family housekeeper!

He recently appeared on 60 Minutes for an interview. How unbelievably mortifying for his family! He is clearly a raging psychopath who puts his insatiable need for attention before that of his own children's humility.

In the last chapter of his tell-all book, Arnold offers what he considers his RULES and most poignant advice he would like his followers to live-by. I seriously didn't believe it at first and still cannot believe his publisher put it in print for the delusional masses who worship him to follow, but here it is in case you missed it in his own words:

~ Arnold Shwarzenegger

Ummmm, if that's not pathological, I don't know what is?!!

Please read the article below (link provided) by Steve Lopez from the Palm Beach Post for more info. on what this horrible man is doing to further torture and torment his poor family. My heart goes out to them.

Maria Shriver is an amazingly talented and brilliant woman who did NOT deserve a life of hell with this man. I'm so glad she got out and hope her new life will no longer be muddled by this man's weak attempts to grasp at his dying celebrity image. He is done. She is being reborn and I wish her and her children all the best. They certainly deserve it.

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Interestingly I recall a time

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I love your honesty, Ophelia!

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He is

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its sad