Look to the truth; this is where our answers lie

"The truth will set us all free, it is the lie's we still tell ourselves and our own denial system which keeps us in bondage." May 2012 become the year when we become honest with ourselves and look inwards and upwards (Spiritual) for your answers. People will come and go and let us down on many levels. Let your own truth and instincts be your guide. Living by someone's else's rules is always a formular for disaster anyway. Healthy bounderies, self love, and empowerment are what keeps us strong, safe, and secure. Trust the process, it works if you work it!!!

God bless,

Jul 1 - 11PM
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Yes Goldie

Jan 16 - 7AM
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Absolutely Goldie!

We need to empower and love ourselves on the inside and then healthy people and situations will be drawn to us. :)
Jan 16 - 3AM
fooled no longer
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So true Goldie, people have

So true Goldie, people have come and gone and let us down. But as ive learned, the relationship with ourself is forever, and thats the one we should nuture! X
Jan 5 - 2PM
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Beautiful post!

And what's even better is that it's true! The truth does set us free, sooner or later! xx a65703
Jan 2 - 9PM
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Goldie, your post is so calming

Thank you Goldie. As ever, your post warms the cockles of my battered heart. I am praying for my escape this new year. If God Wills, then I can set free. love&hugs 4u dear.. with Happy 2012 Greet for you sweetheart. freaked
Jan 2 - 5AM
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Wonderful blogs

Ive been sitting here reading this morning, something I dont get a opportunity to do very often now, but reading four or five of your blogs have been so heartwarming. With each and everyone of them you hit the nail on the head...I had already made the decision that 2012 was going to be the year that I come into my own.....learning to be self sufficient once again, learning to put myself on the top of my priopity list, doing the work I need to do for myself to make me healthly and whole once again. Yes this man took the last almost 7 years of my life, and turned it into something that I would much rather forget, but I can change and alter that course, with hard work and determination on my part. Rome wasnt built in a day, and neither will the journey here be accomplished in short order, but I will make it to the other side, as I know each and everyone here will.
Dec 31 - 5PM
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The Truth

Goldie, thank you for this message. I have been away for awhile due to other betrayls of trust, not just the Narc. I am looking forward to the New Year. He came back in August, but I didn't let him in; I truly know that he is a facade. It's sad to me because he will not ever know or feel "True Love". I am reinventing myself in 2012 and taking my Power Back. Happy New Year to everyone!!!
Dec 31 - 2PM
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Goldie, you are an inspiration to many,

and you help shed light on PDs, so that we can see our individual truths! Thank you!!! I was thinking how I could turn things around in 2012...what resolutions could I make? This with your recent post provides direction: Overcoming the denial, forgiving ourselves, and setting boundaries, yes, yes, and yes!! :) Happy New Year, Goldie, and God bless in 2012! xxxx
Dec 31 - 11AM
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Thank u Goldie! I will stick

Thank u Goldie! I will stick to this! I need to for my own survival! Happy new year!
Dec 31 - 11AM (Reply to #1)
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You will do this Ally

Once we want the change and make up our minds we see the results. God bless, Goldie