Happy Holidays!

I am a spiritual person, but not a religious person. The beauty of nature and miracle of life prove to me that a higher power exists beyond myself. I believe this higher power exists everywhere. We do not need to go to a church or a temple to be close to God. If that is something that helps us feel closer, then it’s a wonderful thing to do. At times, I do attend service. Inspiring sermons can be very powerful, especially at this time of year.

However, I know that in order to be close to God, I do not need to be anywhere other than with myself. God is within each one of us. It is this realization that has allowed me to find my spirituality.

The kingdom of heaven is within you.
(Luke 17:21)

I believe getting in touch with your spirituality has nothing to do with where you pray or to what religion you conform. Instead, it has everything to do with tapping into the spiritual potential that exists within you.

Jesus was not a magician or a performer. He was a teacher. He taught us that any person who makes the discovery of the God-like potential within him has the innate potential to be transformed by the power of their own divinity.

Jesus taught us that God exists within each one of us. He discovered his own divinity and sought to teach us how to tap into ours by getting in touch with our true consciousness. When he says “Follow Me,” he is asking us to reach within ourselves to find the high level of consciousness that he achieved. For it is in this level of being that we are truly alive.

I see Jesus as the great discoverer of the divinity of humankind. He does not want to be worshipped. He wants to be followed as a teacher for helping us find ourselves and our true level of consciousness.

In my opinion, this freedom is the inward motivation to tap into the raw spiritual power that resides within us. It is to harness our true potential and move in the direction of our divine good. In a way, it is like turning on a light within ourselves where we become conscious of the root of our true being and consciously make the decision to tap into our spirituality. By finding it, we are more creative, imaginative, powerful and great.

All of us are spiritual beings, whether we know it or not, whether we act on it or not. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are more in touch with our physical being than our spiritual being. We must remember that our physical being is only a shell that holds our spiritual being and this shell is only temporary. It is our spiritual being, our soul, which never dies. We must tap into our God-like potential, that light that resides within each one of us, to live a life that fosters good, helps others and has purpose.

When we are in touch with our spiritual self, we are free to do unlimited things. We see things in a different light, we tap into a creativity within ourselves we never knew existed and we draw upon a higher potential. This potential has always been within us, but it is our responsibility to find it and harness it. This is what Jesus taught us.

I do not believe God intended for us to fight wars and kill each other over religion. Getting caught up in this causes us to miss the whole point of his message. He sent Jesus to teach us that it is not about how we worship him, but instead about reaching deep within ourselves to find the presence of God dwelling inside us.

God is within each one of us and it is up to us to tap into the power and force of his spirit. I believe the moment we understand this, a whole new level of consciousness opens up that can change our lives forever.

God is really the essence of our being…our depth. Many of us try to define the undefinable, but perhaps it’s easiest to think of God in terms of the depth of our being, our innate goodness and our divine potential. We are all better than we realize. We have higher thoughts that we have yet to recognize.

You do not need to look “out there” to find your spirituality. It exists within you and always has. You can never be separated from God because you are an expression of God. God is within each one of us, waiting for us to harness his power. When we WAKE UP and allow ourselves to experience our true depth, we begin to truly live.

As we've been discussing recently, finding ourselves is the KEY to our recovery. Whatever religion you are or aren't, this time of year is a wonderful time to remind yourself of the power of your spirituality. Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the spirit and magic of the season. You deserve it!

Lots of Love,

Dec 28 - 11AM
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God Bless you, Lisa

The very best Holiday Season for you and your family as well. Narc Free Zone 2012 Goldie
Dec 24 - 10AM
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: ))

"You can never be separated from God because you are an expression of God." So beautiful because it is truth. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year Lisa. love~ Layla
Dec 28 - 10AM (Reply to #3)
Lisa E. Scott
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Thanks, Layla! All my best

Thanks, Layla! All my best to you too! God bless you, always! Love, Lisa
Dec 24 - 9AM
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Lisa,God Bless, Hunter

Lisa,God Bless, Hunter
Dec 24 - 9AM (Reply to #1)
Lisa E. Scott
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God bless you too, my dear friend. See you next year! :) Safe travels and best of luck in Buffalo. Luv u lots, L