Narcissism is Back as a Psychiatric Disorder!

Phew!! I must say I was extremely concerned in 2010 when the APA (American Psychological Association) announced it would be eliminating (NPD) Narcissistic Personality Disorder from their update to the DSM (Diagnostics & Statistics Manual)in 2013.

Fortunately, due to significant professional and public outcry, the APA has decided NOT to eliminate NPD as a psychiatric disorder!

Thank you, APA! Thank God! Thanks to everyone who has ever done anything to build awareness on the topic of pathological narcissism. It is NOT normal behavior and should NEVER be classified as such!

In my opinion, if the APA did eliminate NPD as a psychiatric disorder, it would be sending a message that narcissism has not only become an acceptable norm of behavior, but is now necessary for survival!

The APA's decision not to do this is HUGE and has far reaching implications on what we can do legally to support and protect innocent victims of this pathological abuse.

Please don't stop making your voice heard!!!! It is so important and it is making a difference.

Below is a link to an article from the Telegraph that really makes you realize how narcissism is slowly becoming more and more of a norm of behavior in our society, which proves the necessity of making our voice heard.

Please don't stop building awareness and spreading the word. Every one of you here knows that knowledge is not only empowering, but liberating!!!!! Please pass it on!

Lots of Love,

Dec 22 - 5PM
A Narc Encounter
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They were thinking to mix Narc with Sociopathy in the 2013 version of the DSM and I read opted not to mix them. (Time will tell.) This was according to the Author of "The Sociopath Next Door." Great book but it made it clear I was reading the wrong book. Somewhere half way through it she mentions the subtle difference in her mind of Narcs and Sociopaths--"The Narc loves and truly misses the people who ditch him. He just does not have the skills to get them back or is afraid of the next level." The sociopath needs zero people and could care less about the next level, and is not operated by fear. So, yes, lots in common-but there are differences.
Dec 30 - 11PM (Reply to #8)
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Great explanation on the differences

IMO (no medical expertise here) The narc loves them as much as he/she is capable of loving. The outside casual sex they often engage in is actually a self destructive act. I view them as modern day vampires. How did Anne Rice describe vampires? Preternatural? That said, I don't think they are born evil. They had some pretty bad stuff going on and they developed into this. It is believed that Hitler was borderline. I am pleased that this disorder is still being recognized. Because I believe environment and conditioning caused it, I hope that the same can make a treatment. Kind of like boot camp or "scared straight."
Dec 31 - 10AM (Reply to #9)
repressed memory
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It was described to me by a clinical psychologist being 50% genetic and 50% environment which I truly believe. Mine was very spoiled by his parents, but also abused. Spoiled in the sense that he was pampered and catered to, pleasurable birthdays and xmas, allowed to do what he wanted, and there no rules or boundaries. The abuse was virtually based on the same--they didn't CARE ENOUGH to give him guidance, set rules, teach him right from wrong, show authority, etc.--that is what a child really wants from their parent because that means they care. Subconsciously this makes them feel unloved. Many parents, like his, only care if their performing ie winning ribbons and trophies, winning spelling bees, escalating academicly, etc. Thats got to hurt! There is no unconditional love so to speak.
Dec 22 - 7PM (Reply to #7)
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The Narc

really loves & misses us? I didn't think they had that capacity.
Dec 5 - 9PM
Jannie In the Sun
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Thank the Gods!

Good to hear...I personally think that narcissism is a HUGE problem in our society and lack of awareness is just as detrimental. I hope someday people realize, just as I have had to learn, that narcissism will always be a problem until the rest of the world first becomes aware of the PD traits, refuses to put up with them, worship them, give them their money and allow them to do the thinking for others. This is huge - I mean a huge step forward. Hurrah!
Dec 5 - 8PM
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There is still sanity in the world. This is an early Christmas present! It's great that NPD is remaining on the books.
Dec 5 - 7AM
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Thanks Lisa! Thanks for your

Thanks Lisa! Thanks for your forum and for championing the awareness of this disorder. It is so unheard of in Asia that even professionals are clueless. I am lucky to have found this forum and learn so much here. Its good news the NPD is staying on the APA. Some hope for Asia to catchup with this. Thanks Sumiko
Dec 5 - 12AM
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Thanks for this blog Lisa

Hi Lisa, I shout out my relief on reading your blog. Sometime in the early days of discovery about this malignant NPD, i had come across a blog titled 'Amygdala's Revenge' where the author had posted about possible removal of NPD from DSM IV. I was rather deeply in thought as to why this should be? I too had thought that such a step may surely send the wrong signals to the Criminals aka n/p folk. Not that their grandiouse brains have any capacity for Introspection.. still, they cannot and must not be condoned.'s a note of relief that a Spade shall continue to be called a Spade.
Dec 5 - 12AM
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Great Post Lisa!

Thank you for this post Lisa, as a study of psychology..I was appalled to learn that NPD was taken off the AMA radar. Especially as we can all see that we are living in an age of Narcissim, and me me me attitudes. I fear for the future. Man agaist the machine. I hope we can reach more victims out there, and education is the only protection we have now. With love, G XX
Dec 5 - 9PM (Reply to #1)
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As a social worker, and a victim of a narc (or two), I'm relieved to hear this. I was with the understanding that npd was being catigorized as a form of Anti-social personality disorder. I was concerned that it was going to me minimized as just a symptom. This is good news.