Narcissism in the Workplace

The Healthy Workplace Bill....What’s that, you ask?

Check it out:

Tomorrow I finish my training with the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) and I have to say, it has been an amazing experience! I have built strong relationships with courageous and inspiring people who want to speak out about bullying in the workplace like me. I have learned a great deal from the very wise Drs. Gary & Ruth Namie.

In 1998, the Namies began helping others in the U.S. by starting the Campaign Against Workplace Bullying in the San Francisco Bay Area. They established the only U.S. bullying telephone crisis line helping over 5000 individuals. Media awareness began thanks to USA Today and continues with appearances in over 900 print and broadcast media.

The Namies authored their first book, “Bully Proof Yourself At Work!” in 1998 and have a new book coming out at the end of May 2011, which I will keep you all posted on.

In 2000, the Campaign Against Workplace Bullying hosted the first U.S. conference dedicated to workplace bullying. In 2002, the Campaign became the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) to better reflect the research contribution made to the international fight against workplace bullying. WBI remains the only North American nonprofit organization dedicated to the eradication of Workplace Bullying through education and research.

In the fall of 2007, the Workplace Bullying Institute partnered with Zogby International to conduct the first representative study of all adult Americans on the topic of workplace bullying. This study was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention. The principal findings convinced doubters that bullying at work IS a substantial problem.

In 2007, the WBI-Legislative Campaign launched to enhance the focus on public policy solutions for workplace bullying. More information on the Legislative Campaign can be found at the WBI-Legislative Campaign official website.

Since 2003, 17 states have introduced the Healthy Workplace Bill thanks to the Namies! I am honored and privileged to now be affiliated with their organization and can't wait to start building awareness.

Narcissism is the “Abuse of Power” and occurs whenever someone in a position of power uses their power in a way to manipulate, intimidate and coerce another person into submission.

Just like I try to help victims of Narcissists understand that they did NOTHING wrong to cause the abuse, I want to help victims of Narcissists at Work understand they did NOTHING wrong either!

It is so important to understand that workplace bullies are insecure! They choose us for a reason.

In fact, the Namies’ groundbreaking research has found that workplace bullies choose targets who are:

~ Independent
~ Competent
~ Well-liked
~ Ethical & Honest
~ Not Political

If you are a target of Workplace Bullying, please know you are NOT alone and it is NOT your fault. You did NOTHING to ask for the abuse except do your job well and live a life of integrity. Bullies are threatened by you because they are jealous of you. You make them look bad and they can’t handle it.

More information, resources and coping tools on how to manage and respond to Workplace Bullying can be found on my website here in the near future. I also encourage you to visit the WBI University website for further information and support:

Apr 23 - 5PM
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Yeeeaah Lisa!! This is such and Important topic

This is such an important insight, and definitaley needs implementation and eduction in the workplace. It has such an impact on the individual, team, and bottom line of an organization that is should be fundamental implementation. It is showing awareness and prevention, so crucial. Thank you for bringing this to out attention, and am behind you 100 percent.
Jun 22 - 1AM (Reply to #4)
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HELP!!! The XNh has followed me to work!

Hello everyone, I'm writing to ask if anyone can help me with this situation. I recently (2 1/2 months) began a new job after the N left me while I was unemployed. On my very first day there, I began being harassed by some women there. After a few weeks, I realized there was more to it than just hazing the new girl. These women bothered no one else, and seemed to have information about me that they were not privy to. I am currently going through divorce with N, and I requested alimony in the filing. LOL. Anyway, N's lawyer knew I was working before I told anyone, and filed a motion the same day. After a hiring an attorney of my own, my attorney knew where I was employed before I told him? How did they have this information? I was employed for two days, and had told no one where I was working but my mother. The women continued to harass me, and after a few weeks I found out that one of the women has a friend in common with N. I believe he told them of my attempted suicide after his departure. I have been harassed, intimidated, gossiped about, and overall bullied everyday since. I said something to in after a few weeks, no response. However behavior of coworkers changed. I spoke to my supervisor (nice lady) about this, and some meetings were held involving HR. I was hesitant to disclose suicide attempt prior to hiring, and the HR rep assigned to the situation is a relative of the coworker that started this whole mess. Needless to say, I don't trust the bitch as far as I can spit. I have said nothing in defense of these occurrences, I really don't know what to say. However, I've decided to speak to my supervisor again, because things have gotten out of hand. I haven't wasted my time contacting N about this anymore, what help could he possibly be? When I spoke to him about it before, I hadn't quite realized yet what I was dealing with. I'm sure he's enjoying every minute of this. Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or anything similar, and if any of you could offer any advice. I work for a law firm, and I know this is going to be very sticky. There are five women involved, excluding HR rep. Thanks in Advance
Apr 23 - 4PM
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I got hate mail on Facebook

I got hate mail on Facebook from a work colleague (it was anonymous, but the things they wrote could only have been known to a work colleague) in June of 2009. It was horrible. They created two seperate false profiles and mailed me over the course of a couple of weeks. I thought about going to the police over it, but then thought better of it as I didn't want to draw attention to the whole sorry incident. But it was SUCH a horrible feeling for ages - going in to work and walking around not knowing whether or not anyone my eye fell on was the one. I've a feeling it was a male, just by the way they wrote. I should explain that I am not an employee but a member of a professional organisation that uses a communal private library to work in, so it wasn't a normal work situation where I could have made a complaint to a human resources department. I would still love to know who it was, and a friend of mine who's an IT whizz offered to help me set a trap for them, but it's nearly two years ago now and the trail has more than likely gone cold. It was definitely professional jealousy (and maybe also personal jelaousy) as I had just landed a brief in the longest-running trial in Irish legal history which paid very well.
Apr 21 - 2PM
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I am so glad this is going to

I am so glad this is going to be a resource! After escaping my NPD husband, I've come to realize I have an NPD boss. Sigh. It never ends :) Looking forward to some good tips!
May 29 - 12PM (Reply to #1)
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me too

Hi I had a N husband for 33 years, and almost 2 years before at work a N pushed me over the edge. I've lost everything except my freedom and my son. Those are the only things that matter. In fact I'm glad the N at work pushed me over the edge as she saved me from staying with the N at home. Work was my solice. However I have lost my career as a pediatric oncology nurse and maybe my ability to nurse in anything but a superficial role. However I'm moving forward, and plan to take lots of action in gender based violence advocacy basically N advocacy. so I"m moving forward. The triggers are hard but in the end I have my freedom back. And I can go out and have fun as I work hard to build a circle of friends. I lost them all from the Narcs. This is what gets me up every day. Hang in there.