Ewwww..saw him in a parking lot

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I'm a year and a half out, sticking with the NC thing and doing good. I avoid many situations to not run into him but live in a small town so I'm very careful where I go and at what time.

The other day, I was getting in my car in a parking lot, and he pulled in right in front of me. The front grills on our cars were almost head to head. Heart racing, I quickly backed out as he got out of his car.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him waving his hand slowly, cautiously back and forth, keeping his hand waist-high only, trying to catch my attention. I ignored him, didn't look directly at him and quickly drove off.

I sensed he was looking for a reaction...anything, me waving back or me, giving him the finger. Either way, I would have been right back in his web or looking like the crazy one. Aren't they clever???

Yes, this was a creepy experience but after, I felt powerful.

No Contact is the only way!!

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You go girl!!

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you did great! mine lives right down the street, so i see him sometimes. you are so right, they are always looking for a reaction, good or bad, they don't care which. as long as it proves to them that they exist and have some control over our emotions. you gave him a narcissistic injury and you made us all proud!!

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Just realized he wasn't waving at me, he was treating me like an object to be manipulated.

Just like someone would do waving their hand in front of an electonic paper towel dispenser.

How sick!! Ich, even this tiny bit of attempted contact is upsetting. Had to vent.